We don't learn anything of Roxanne within the books, but according to JKR it is George and Angelina's child. She has a twin brother Fred. She basically has nothing canon about her other than what we know of her parents.

Well I am writing a story of her as a young woman. 24-26 age range. I'm going to have her be a teacher. Here are my questions:

Knowing what we know about her parents what do you think she would look like?

What subject would she teach? If you choose Quidditch please also have a second pick. I know its obvious that she would be great at Quidditch being that both her parents played during school, I'm not sure yet how big of a part Quidditch will have in the story I am developing.

What do you think her personality would be like?

How do you think she would handle a problem? ( ex. head on, devils advocate, hands off )

Many people say, women marry men that remind them of their father. I'm developing her love interest, but I don't want him to be exactly like Fred. What kind of person could you see her getting involved with? Would he be magical or muggle-born?

Any other thoughts you have on her would be wonderful. Even though she has no information on her, she is still a JKR creation and I want to do her justice!