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Thread: Winning Quidditch without catching the Snitch?

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    Winning Quidditch without catching the Snitch?- please lock & grave, answered! :)


    OK, having searched this forum for an answer to my question, I can't find one, so: is it theoretically possible for a team to win a Quidditch game without having caught the Snitch? For example, what if there's a problem with the Keeper and he or she is doing a lousy job or not even guarding at all but off doing something else? Obviously it would be difficult and the circumstances would have to be very odd for a team to score 16 goals (or whatever they're called) before the other team could catch the Snitch. But if that did happen, would the team that DIDN'T catch the Snitch win, 160 to 150?

    Thanks for any advice from Quidditch rules experts.


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    Amanda Vega
    It's possible. As in GOF, if a team is more than 150 points up, even if the opposite team catches the Snitch, that team will still win. The only reason that the team which catches the snitch generally wins is because of the massive amount of points awarded.

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    Quidditch World Cup (GoF) Krum caught the snitch, but Ireland still won. Which by the way, was exactly what the Weasley twins bet on happening.

    It may be difficult, but not impossible. Especially if the Keeper is injured and taken out of the game.
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    If the Keeper was injured or taken out, I'm sure they'd just replace him with someone almost as good. I think one of the Weasleys said they have alternates for games that go on for days, so I'm sure they'd have one for that sort of situation. Although, they're right, its not impossible. With really good Chasers, you'd still be able to win, like what happened with Ireland and Bulgaria that they've already mentioned.

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    How did I forget about the Quidditch World Cup with Ireland and Bulgaria? Thank you! OK, question answered. I'll ask them to close the thread. Thank you all!


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