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Thread: The Next Generation: Professors

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    The Next Generation: Professors

    Okay, I was wondering what Professors would be teaching at Hogwarts when Albus starts up at the school. I know there will be a few OCs, but what about canon? The following are the teachers that I am fairly sure will still be there:

    Neville - this one is proven in canon.
    Prof. Binns - he is a ghost, after all.
    Prof. McGonagall - I'm not too sure about this one... But considering how long Prof. Dumbledore was at the school, I think it's plausible.
    Prof. Flitwick - I have the same reason as the one for Prof. McGonagall.

    That's my list. I haven't looked on Lexicon, because frankly, I cannot be bothered. So, what do you think of my list, and are there any other teachers that could still work there?



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    Hagrid is also still there. Harry said in the book to Albus that he's invited to tea, so Hagrid's still around. And I think he's still teaching Care of Magical Creatures.

    Slughorn could be a possibility for Potions, but that's just me guessing.

    Trewlaney I can picture still being around, too. After all, where else would she want to go?

    Then there's Professor Vector for Arithmancy. She's probably still around, too. I had always pictured her to be a relatively young woman when Harry was at school. I believe there was a passage in the books when Hermione talked to her and Ron and Harry saw this, but I'm not sure where this was (if at all) and if Professor Vector was described in this passage. If she was described as a young or middle-aged woman, than I think you're safe to still have her around.

    For Astronomy Professor Sinistra was named. Here's the same like with Professor Vector.

    In the lexicon it says that Ancient Runes was taught by Bathsheba Babbling, but the site also says that it was an early draft when Rowling planned PoA and it might have changed (haven't checked though).

    With DADA I believe you can simply create an OC.

    Concerning Professor McGonagall: Either she's Headmistress, or teaching Transfiguration. I see her in the former position, so in this way there's need for a new professor. But that's just my opinion.

    If anyone else can provide facts, than you won't need to go with my guesses.

    Hope I helped (at least a bit),

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    Jo said that McGonagall did not become Headmisstress, because she was "getting on a bit". In my Teddy story, I had her as retired, although she may have still taught transfiguration.


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    I found the following on Professor McGonagall:

    Hogwarts: Transfiguration Professor 1956-1998; Deputy Headmistress 1991-1998.
    House: Gryffindor (c. 1937-44); Head of Gryffindor 1991-1998.
    So you will need to have an OC for transfiguration.

    Slughorn is listed as only teaching the 96*97 school year.

    The others have no real dates for their teaching.

    Though it should be noted Flitwick according to Lexicon was described as ancient.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think the chances of Slughorn still teaching are unlikely. Not only did Dumbledore recruit him "out of retirement" in HBP, but also remember that he taught Tom Riddle at Hogwarts, and that was in the early 40's, and the nextgen attends Hogwarts starting around 2016 and into the 2020's - about eighty years later. Meaning that Slughorn would have to be over a hundred by then.

    Flitwick is also questionable, and McGonagall seems to be out according to JKR. Obviously we know Sprout is gone.

    So, that leaves Neville and Hagrid (oh, and Binns of course); most likely there's also Professor Vector, Professor Sinistra and you might as well keep on with Professor Babbling.

    Most of the core subjects are missing thought - Transfiguration, Charms, Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts.

    I was thinking about this earlier, and I looked through the Lexicon and the books for hints of some names that might be able to go in. You could probably either use complete OC's or take some random names from students who were at school with Harry or the Marauders, because they'd all be at good ages to teach.

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    Okay, thanks everyone! Here is the list that I have made up:

    DADA - OC
    Transfiguration - OC
    Charms - I'm still throwing around the idea of having Flitwick doing his final year of teaching in Albus' first year. I may just make it an OC, though.
    Potions - OC
    Care of Magical Creatures - Hagrid
    Herbology - Neville
    Astronomy - Sinstra
    Arithmancy - Vector
    Ancient Runes - I might use Bathsheba Babbling, she's basically an OC anyway. But it's not that important for Albus' first few years.
    Flying Instruction - OC
    Divination - Still shared by Trelawney and Firenze (possibly). If not, just Trelawney.
    Muggle Studies - OC

    I think that's all of them... I just really wanted the main ones, anyway.

    Thanks for your help, guys! I am going to leave this thread open for one more day, just in case I have made a mistake in my list or you have anymore suggestions.


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    Another good idea would be to go through your Harry Potter books (the ones where Harry actually get to see the sorting ceremony) and pick out a few of your professors from there. No doubt you are going to need a lot of new heads of houses, and this might help you come up with some ideas.

    I'm not sure if this has already been suggested.

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    Thanks! I'll do that as well.

    Well, I believe I have everything that I need. Mods, you may lock this thread.


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