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Thread: Wizarding Sports

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    Wizarding Sports

    Do you think that wizards have any sports other than Quidditch? And that if they were to hold an Olympics, would they play some muggle sports? Would the wizards even have Olympics?

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    There's Quodpot: a popular sport in America. I think Quidditch and Quodpot are somewhat similar in terms of British football and American football.

    Quodpot is played with a exploding Quaffle that needs to be dropped in a cauldron, but little else is know about it.

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    So I'd have free reign with that basicly, right?

    I think that dueling might be included too.

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    Not much has been said in canon about wizarding sports other than Quidditch and Quodpot. There's also gobstones, but I don't know if that qualifies as a sport.

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    Yeah, essentially free reign. Just try to incorporate real life sports - mix them together and what not - and see what turns out. I'd love to see something like polo played with wands! Fair warning though, it's tough to make a fully functioning sport up without gaps in the gameplay. I made a huge list of rules for my own reference for Quodpot, and it took forever to get just right. I'd suggest when inventing, read a wikipedia article, and try to write an article about your own sport in the same format. It helps things stay coherent and organized, at least for you as an author. :P

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    And if your going for Olympic-style sports, you could try coming up with a racing game with broomsticks. Also, something in the water might be fun to come up with. Maybe even something involving winged horses. I would also research a bunch of different sports in the Olympics (how lucky we are that this is an Olympic year!). Then you could really let your imagination run wild.

    Just some more suggestions, though.

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    The only sports mentioned in canon are Quidditch and Quodpot. I was going to suggest Gobstones, but I guess it's less of a sport. Dueling could be a sort of sport, too, like boxing or wrestling in real life.

    You could take inspiration from real life sports and combine it with the magical aspects. Some suggestions would be Hippogriff racing, Threstal racing, and I wouldn't mind seeing something like tennis being played wizard-stlye on brooms. You have a lot of freedom to create your own sport, so good luck.

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    Ok, so so far my list is:

    Broom Racing
    Thestral "Orienteering"
    Hippogriff racing

    Do you think that only National Teams could qualify for the Quidditch part, or could teams like the Holyhead Harpies qualify too?

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    My quess would be that only national teams would. No doubt, if someone from a local team displayed exceptional talent they would be added to the team, but aren't Olympic teams normally made up of the best athletes from different teams?

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    Do you think that wizards have any sports other than Quidditch? And that if they were to hold an Olympics, would they play some muggle sports? Would the wizards even have Olympics?
    Quidditch always seemed to be modeled upon soccer, which is popular in Europe and the rest of the world (how's that for an understatement). Rowing is also popular in GB, so maybe there would be something of the equivalent. Maybe there wouldn't be a program at Hogwarts, but there could possibly be a national team or something. Broom racing in the water? That's not creative, I know.

    There could also be dragon racing. That could only be described as awesome. However, that idea has been used, so I would understand if you didn't want to use dragons. It seems like there are more 'tests' (Tri-Wizard style) than there are actual team sports as competition in the wizard world.

    I kind of *want* the wizard world to have Olympics, but I kind of think they might not have them. However, I can see some athletically inclined wizards competing in Muggle sports incognito. I can see why Muggle sports would attract some wizards. Maybe some 'ecentric' wizards have road races.

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