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Thread: Madam Pomfrey in Epilouge?

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    Madam Pomfrey in Epilouge?

    I'm writing a next Generation Fic, and it involves a few scens in the Hospital Wing.
    Do you think she'd still be the Matron, or would they have replaced her?
    And on other staff, would Filch still be around, or would he be a ghost?
    What about other subjects, who do they have, does anybody know, or do i have free reign?
    I know that's a few questions, but I'll love anybody's input!

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    I doubt that Madam Pomphrey would be dead, but she would be quite old. The students would probably think of her as a grandmotherly-type witch, especially if she's the one who takes care of their boo-boos.

    With Flitch, it could be a toos-up as to whether he is dead or not, but I doubt if he were a ghost, he would still be doing his job. He would need to pick things up in order to be the grounds keeper. He might still be floating around, but the school more than likely would have hiried someone new.

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    I think that Madam Pomfrey would still be at Hogwarts, but she would be training or working with a younger nurse.

    As for Filch, I honestly think that he would be at Hogwarts until his death. I have nothing from canon that supports this, but I don't think Filch would leave. He, like Trelawny, doesn't have anywhere else to go (in my opinion).


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    I think that if you have Madam Pomfrey there, she'd be really old. I think its a bit of a toss-up as well as Filch. With the rest of the teachers, I do think you have free reign. Most of the teachers in Harry's generation would be very old and probably retired, so you can feel free to make them up. It would be cool if you put one or two Hogwarts students in as teachers such as Michael Corner or someone else sort of insignificant. Its just a nice touch, but don't overdo becasue Neville's already a teacher.

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    We know that Neville is a teacher already, so there is a high chance others would be retired.

    Potions: Slughorn would defiantly be retired, you would have to find another teacher.

    Transfiguration: I doubt whether McGonagal would still be teaching. She could be headmistress but I don't feel it.

    Defense Agaist Dark Arts: Defiantly needs a new teacher. You can choose to make that a character we already know or not.

    Herbology: We know Neville is the teacher.

    Other subjects you can pick and choose.

    Filch: We know that he wasn't the caretaker when Molly and Arthur were at Hogwarts, so he hasn't been around forever. There is a high chance he is still there.

    Madame Pomfrey: She may or may not be there. I agree with Azhure, she could be training up an apprentice (Perhaps someone like Hannah Abbot?)

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    There has already been a discussion about teachers for the Next Generation in another thread. Here is the link: The Next Generation: Professors. But the discussion was only really about the professors, not Filch etc.

    I just want to make sure that we're all not repeating ourselves!


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    I've always had the feeling that Filch was kind of old, but he might still be there or he might not. He's a Squib, so he wouldn't be around forever like wizards, neither would he become a ghost.

    I really like the idea that Madame Pomfrey is training an apprentice. Although it wouldn't be Hannah Abbot, since she became the new innkepper and landlady at the Leacky Cauldron. Who said it has to be girl anyway, I could definatly see Dennis Creevey as Hogwart's new healer.

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