We never hear anything about the Greengrass family being involved with the Death Eaters. Where do you think the family stood during the war?
Hmm...I think they agree to the whole Pure-blood thing, but they're not Death-eaters. A bit like Sirius' parents.

Could Daphne have been one of those mysterious Slytherins who returned to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts?
No. I think she will be those kind of Daddy's Girls. She'll want to be protected.

What do you think her relationship was like with her little sister? With the other Slytherins?
I pictured her to be in Pansy's group of friends. She'd be nice to Astoria but sometimes they fight, like regular sisters.

What do you see her as being like personality-wise?
Rich, spoiled, but nice to her friends.

So, what does Daphne look like?
I pictured her a bit like what I pictured Astoria. Typical brown hair, greenish-bluish eyes, a bit fatter than Astoria...

Do you see her as the spoiled, rich-kid kind of girl, who was favoured by her parents?

A bit. But I think Astoria was favoured more.

Could Daphne be a perfect Slytherin, or one of the exceptional, nice, ones?
Both. I think she is more...neutral.

If Astoria was in a different house, say, Ravenclaw, what do you think her relationship with Daphne might be like?

I don't think Daphne would care.