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Thread: Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sailing Girl
    I know that this question is completely different too the other lines of questioning that have been going on but oh well..
    Here goes: Do you think Astoria and Draco were a couple at Hogwarts? If not, where did they meet?

    I think that you could argue this either way. It very much depends on how you see Draco's seventh year at school. When term starts Draco is one of several Death Eaters in the school and although his family seems to be suffering a little (with the loss of Lucius's wand) they are nominally supporters of the Dark Lord and playing host to Voldemort. Things don't really go downhill for Draco until he allows Potter to escape again! and that's the Easter holidays.

    i can see Astoria being attracted to the swaggering Death Eater student in what must have been a terrible year for half-blood students.

    Astoria started school two years after Draco, that puts her in the same year as Romilda Vane. Remember that Draco is at the younger end of the school year (a June birthday) so she could be 15-27 months younger than Draco. The Draco/Astoria age difference is almost the same as the Harry/Romilda age gap.

    Alternatively, perhaps she's one of those ladies who fixates on dangerous criminals and she started to write to him while he was in prison. (This is an idea I might just run with.)


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    I'm 99% sure that Draco and Astoria were not friends at Hogwarts, let alone dating. Astoria was two years younger than Draco, and so probably only know of her or how she was the younger sister of Daphne.

    I don't know how or when they met (well no one except maybe JK does), but I'm guessing it would have been at least a year or two after the defeat of Lord Voldemort. A lot of things happened in that year/s and so I don't think Draco was focusing much on a wife, and was probably fighting to stay out of jail/depressed. It definitely wouldn't have been somewhere muggle, as even if Draco had a little bit of remourse for being on the Dark Side, he still wouldn't have a tolerance for muggles (in my opinion, at least).

    This is much help as I can give you for the moment. Hope it helped

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    Rose Nym
    You might not find this helpful, I'm afraid; but the real answer is, it's up to you. We aren't given very much. What I do know is this:
    1. Draco and Astoria are married and sending their son to Hogwarts by the time of the epilogue--nineteen years from the final chapter of DH.

    2. Astoria's only appearance in the books is as Draco's wife--she could be an unnamed member of a crowd in some scenes in the books, but for whatever reason, she is not important enough to the story of Harry to ever have her name mentioned in the narration.

    3. Her sister Daphne hangs around with Pansy Parkinson, and is in Slytherin. This can suggest that Astoria (who's two years younger than Daphne and Draco) is in Slytherin, but does not definitely state it.

    4. The only romantic relationship Draco seems to have had at Hogwarts is an apparently not very serious one with Pansy Parkinson. To elaborate:

    5. Pansy seems to have had a crush on him from third year on. (See her remarks in PoA, especially when Draco gets clawed by the hippogriff.) Draco seemed to appreciate the attentions she gave him, but he was never shown reciprocating in any way. Draco and Pansy do seem to start hanging around each other more, but it's pretty common around this age for people to be more interested in associating with the opposite gender. Not just when they're romantically intrigued by them, sometimes just because the "cooties" are gone, they feel more comfortable talking to them then they would have when they were younger. My point here is that canonically, Draco/Pansy could have been platonic or romantic at this point.

    6. In fourth year, Draco and Pansy attend the Yule Ball together. This can mean everything, or nothing.

    7. In fifth year, Draco and Pansy are Slytherin prefects. Pansy seems to be the "queen bee" of her year and house. She likes Draco, and hangs out with him at least enough to write a song with him(and some other Slytherin house members).

    8. In sixth year, when Harry spies on Draco, he's lying in Pansy Parkinson's lap and she's stroking his hair. She also acts like she expects Draco to hold her hand when they walk out into the corridor.We can assume they're a couple at this point; at what time period did it start, however? I think it's likely that they got together before Draco became a Death Eater; possibly even as far back as a year before, or longer. But I could be wrong. Also, how and when does his relationship with Pansy end? We do not know. Keep in mind, though, that even at this point Draco and Pansy's relationship does not appear very serious or mature, but is based on (again, only going on what Harry sees) Draco getting an ego boost by impressing Pansy. She, in turn, seems to view Draco more as a status symbol than anything else, and does not trust him or truly respect him. She made a comment about the attractiveness of another girl, Ginny, and then watched him to test his response. If she trusted his sincerity, she wouldn't resort to such childish tactics. She acts all doting, but turns it off in an instant to demand from him what he means when he says he might not be at Hogwarts next year.

    9. What I see here is this: if you want Draco to have a romantic relationship with Astoria at Hogwarts, that's the canon events that it has to line up with. If you can do that, fine. Great.

    10. However, I would like to say that I think it unlikely that Draco was romantically involved with Astoria while still at Hogwarts, because to fit in with the Pansy thing that's definitely present in at least sixth year, it would have to have been either secret or unserious, and neither option to me seems like Draco. You could have the Draco/Pansy relationship either broken off by one of them or just to have ceased to exist as they drifted apart sometime during sixth year, and then have Astoria and Draco get together sixth or seventh year. But I think that Draco at that point was probably more worried about being a Death Eater and his families' safety than having a girlfriend. I suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive; but for Draco, I don't think, at a time when he felt vulnerable, he'd want a romantic relationship (or, at least, not a serious one) because the mutual sharing of emotions it would require would tend to make someone of his temperament feel vulnerable even at the best of times.

    11. Or, you could have Draco with Astoria before he was with Pansy, with the relationship eventually ending, not to be re-begun until a later time after Draco has left Hogwarts. Even this situation I have some reservations about, though; as Astoria is two years younger then Draco, and not very "prominent". I think when Draco was younger, say thirteen to sixteen, (before he became a Death Eater) he would have only dated someone to show off. (More on that below.) That means that anybody he dated would have to possess something he thought he could brag about, such as: wealth, fame, (or notoriety ) physical beauty, (according to whatever conventions are accepted by his peer group) popularity, magical accomplishments, position of leadership, or intelligence, not to mention an impeccable blood status. I'm not saying that Astoria has none of these things; but I am saying that if Draco was dating her then and she possesed at least one of these qualities to a significant degree (in addition to the pure blood, which is just expected as a given ), he would have flaunted it. Her name would have eventually reached Harry's ears, and therefore, ours.

    12. I am of the opinion that Draco simply did not have the maturity or character to love someone before the experience of becoming a Death Eater really forced him to "grow up." He might be attracted to people to be sure; but he'd filter who he was attracted to through the highly prejudiced values and ideology he grew up with.

    13. Another thing that might be good to keep in mind: I have found very few examples in canon of Draco even mentioning things like romance, crushes, relationships, or love. The times he does, he's either mocking somebody's relationship or crush, ("Potter, you've got yourself a girlfriend!") or mocking the concept of love. (Sniggering when Horace Slughorn tells the class that Amortentia is one of the most powerful potions). He doesn't mention things like attractiveness either, and the only times he's been seen to flirt with a girl is with Pansy. (And almost all of that was only flirting in a very remote sense of the word). So Flirtatious!Draco, Ladies' Man!Draco, and possibly even Romantic!Draco, are OOC methods of characterizing him, from what we've seen. There's the possibility that he mentions things like this more when he's with his friends as opposed to in public, but I have the tendency to think that there is not a hugely significant difference. Draco could have been taught not to value his emotions, and might even have viewed love as a weakness. That would fall in line with the beliefs of Voldemort, and it makes sense that many of those beliefs would somehow be siphoned to his followers and their families. It would only seem to complement what many of the old pureblood families probably already live by, valueing prestige, and what they view as their duty to keep blood pure over emotional or personal fulfillment in their marrriages. Please don't take me wrong, though; I don't think that every character under the influence of that lifestyle is utterly heartless or emotionless, because people are going to have emotions no matter how much they try to suppress them.

    14. So what I'm doing for my story is developing Draco/Astoria after the war. I think if there's any possibility that Draco could genuinely love someone, it would have to be after he's gone through all the terrible events that shaped him. Of course, that's only what I am doing; you might want to do things a different way. You could have Astoria love Draco in school but he not return her love until much later, or you could have Draco/Astoria start out as only together because of prestige and blood status and all that, but then later grow to genuinely love each other. There are a million different ways to do it that will work.

    Well, I hope I was able to help...that's just what I think. Feel free to disagree with me.

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    Astoria Greengrass
    Okay, here's a big question that could have a lot of different answers based on how you characterize Astoria and her sister. What do you think that Astoria's parents would be like?

    If you go in canon, we can assume that they are purebloods and most likely decently well off. This isn't something that seems to come up in a lot of fics, but it depends on how you want to develop the characters. In my story, for instance, Daphne has always been the favored sister and I believe that her parents show a preference to her without really meaning to.

    This is essential to me because it helps shape the relationship between the sisters. I thought about it and I believe that perhaps with this Astoria's father would be more like her and (although not hugely involved in his daughter's lives) still a better person than Lucius. I figured that maybe this might strengthen the bond between Draco and Astoria if he can find a tiny thread of a better father-figure in his future father-in-law.

    The mother would probably love her family but understand one daughter better than the other and lean toward Daphne because of this understanding. Perhaps a bit silly or vain at times, more social than her husband. Basically to explain how the Greengrass sisters turned out the way they did in my fic.

    What do you guys think they would be like?

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    I think that you have the family well developed, and I really like that, so I would say go for it. I think it's interesting how you have the oldest closer to the mother and the father closer to the younger, as the eldest tends to lean towards their father and the youngest towards their mother.

    I think that keeping them as a pureblood, as a lot of people make them not, but judging from Draco's prejudices, a pureblood marriage would be where he would go (at least I think... most children follow their parent's ideals...a generalization, therefore the word MOST!)

    Good luck with your fic!

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    I'd see Astoria as a fairly gentle and compassionate person...if Draco has softened with fatherhood, maybe her caring nature has influenced him. I'd also see her as fairly persuasive, but in a fairly quiet mannerly way. My view of Astoria is that maybe she's overshadowed by her older sister, who perhaps has a more abrupt, strong and outspoken character. I wouldn't see Astoria as having any real role in the war, but a silent observer which would influence her later. I think Astoria is probably a blood snob, but very pacifist after witnessing everything in the war. I'd also see her is being polite to Lucius and Narcissa, but perhaps very wary about letting them have too much involvment in her child.

    As for her appearance, I'd see her as having dark hair but fairly petite with blue eyes.

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    I'm using Astoria as the main character for Madam Pomfrey's One-Shot Challenge. She's also in my slightly AU fic, Iris albicans, where she is in Gryffindor, her mother was in Ravenclaw, and her dad and sister were in Slytherin. Daphne has a HUGE crush on Draco while they were at Hogwarts. She loathes her sister until after the war, but understands her obsession with Draco.

    I see her as somewhat stubborn after being shy before she goes to Hogwarts. After the war, she teaches duelling. By the time she and Draco meet, Daphne has married McClaggen. Astoria meets Draco at one of the Victory Day Anniversary parties the Ministry throws. She doesn't want to be there, but she gets dragged there by her best friend. He came because his parents insist that he start looking for a bride or they will find one for him (CoughPansyCough).

    At first, she thinks that he's arrogant, but then he charms her with a picnic that Daphne suggested. He wins her over, but they have their fair share of arguments. She won't back down from her stance on a number of things (interior decoration, birthday presents for her niece), but they manage to compromise.

    Eventually, Draco proposes to her. They get married at Malfoy Manor and live in a flat in Diagon Alley. A few years later they have Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. (Draco won that argument.) They move to a wizarding suburb, next to Mr and Mrs Ronald Weasley, when Scorpius is eight. (Draco and Ron still hate each other, but Hermione and Astoria have a cordial friendship.) Astoria is a loving mother and while Draco spoils Scorpius a little (Firebolt 3000 when he's twelve, tickets to Quidditch games), she is the voice of reason. She doesn't like Narcissa or Lucius, but she wins Narcissa over after they have to plan the wedding.

    As for apperance, I picture her as being small, rather delicate looking with light brown hair, extremely pale skin. and light green eyes.
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    Rose Nym
    Astoria, Maple, Lighter, and Robin: sounds like great ideas with lots of characterization. The Greengrasses, you can honestly do so many different ways. All your stories sound like something I want to read actually! I'll get around to it...Oh, and appearance? As long as she 's not blond. Anybody have any ideas for career choices of Astoria? It would depend of course on how she is characterized and what works for your story might not work for mine. Obviously. But I always tend to get stuck on Careers, and she's kind of an important character in my story...

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