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Personally, I always get a little anxious about descriptions. JKR gives us almost nothing, even about fairly important characters like Lavender Brown, who is never described at all (she was black in at least two movies).

I'm probably unlike most, as I don't think that any of the major characters are good looking (with the possible exception of Harry and Ginny, who are independantly described as "fanciable" and "good looking"). Ron, Draco and Pansy certainly are not.

The only times I've referred to Astoria in my stories it's been obliquely:

‘You’re not even the ugliest girl your house, Fenella,’ Colin told her. ‘Daphne’s sister, what’s her name?’

‘Astoria,’ Fenella supplied.

‘Astoria, that’s her. She looks more like a horse than most horses I’ve seen. You’re much better looking than she is.’

But then, that's probably just me.

I don't think that skin colour or appearance would bother Draco. Blood purity is all that matters to him and his family. His parents were (anti-Muggleborn) racists, he was brought up to believe in blood purity and at no point has he ever shown any inclination to change that view. Her Pureblood status would be the only thing that matters to him.

I agree. I'm not entirely sure about Lavender even being in the movies until the sixth one, but yeah, you have a point. You are probably unlike most, Neil, when it comes to thinking who's good-looking and who's not. Personally, I think Movie!Draco is good-looking, as is the Draco in my head and, I'm sure, in JKR's too. Ron, I'm not so sure. JKR did describe Harry as good-looking, having inherited those looks from his parents. And she always did say that Ginny was fanciable, yes.

And yes, I suppose you're right about skin colour. However I don't think there are any black wizarding families, not that I can remember.