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Thread: Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass)

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    We really don't know. We didn't even know what her name was until months after the final book was publish. I did read in an interview however, we can speculate by the name Greengrass, that Daphne has blond hair. Here's the link: Clicky-click

    We can also assume because Scorpius has blond hair (a recessive trait) that Astoria more than likely has blond hair as well.

    Although I have read some fics where Astoria has dark hair as well.

    It seems completely up to you, though.

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    I love Astoria Greengrass, or at least the idea of her. I like to think she helps bring Draco back to the land of the living after all he's gone through. I think she's blonde and made for him and completely Slytherin, but has a sweetness to her nature that may not seem Slytherin to others, but seems Slytherin to me! I have absolutely no basis for any of this except my own belief!

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    With Narcissa I do see rather a cliched Mother-in-law/daughter-in-law rivalry. I think it would soften over time and they'de band together to protect Draco and later Scorpius from anything.
    I personally see Draco falling for Astoria because she is a lot like his mother, not that he realises this, though. I can picture the two being a lot alike, and thus not getting along very much.

    As for hair color, I think it says in the epilogue that Draco and Scorpius are standing with a dark haired woman? I may be wrong, though . . . I still picture her with dark hair though.

    With her character, though, I love to see her as a Slytherin, but one of the nicer ones-- because, yes, there are nice Slytherins. Just because they are not nice to Gryffindors doesn't mean that they can't be nice to each other. I see her as really strong and confident, but not overly so. I think that's what appeals to me about her relationship with Draco. I think that they met at a time when he needed a strong person in his life, a loving person, and Astoria was that person. I like to think that they truly love each other, arranged marriage or not.

    EDIT: I don't know about her hair color, then. I thought that there had been mention of it somewhere, but I could very well be wrong. Sorry!


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    I just read the last chapter of DH. It doesn't say anything about Astoria's hair color. It says Draco is wearing a dark coat buttoned up to his throat. But I was reading from the American edition. Maybe the British edition says different. Does anyone know?

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    I have Astoria coming from a wealthy family.
    I'd say she was a Hufflepuff and not close to her family.
    I always imagined her as convincing Draco to have a child.
    I imagine her with dark, shaggy hair and blue eyes.

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    I just read the last chapter of DH. It doesn't say anything about Astoria's hair color. It says Draco is wearing a dark coat buttoned up to his throat. But I was reading from the American edition. Maybe the British edition says different. Does anyone know?
    Nope, it's the same.

    My view on Astoria is this:

    Pretty, with blonde hair and brown eyes.
    Slytherin, but who wants to prove herself to her family, because Daphne is the favoured daughter.
    A bit rebellious, and so, she dyes her hair black!
    Her mother LOVES Daphne, and she is constantly being compared to her.
    Her family is a pureblood, so it follows all the old traditions, right? So, she has to be a perfect lady and be all proper, but, Astoria hates that.

    Here's a little excerpt from a story I'm writing to show you what I mean:

    It was always about Daphne, who was more beautiful, more intelligent, and who had more astounding achievements than Astoria. Astoria looked a lot like her sister, but everyone admired Daphne, not her. Her honey-blonde hair had more volume, and it shimmered in the light, while Astoria's platinum blonde locks, were too plain. Daphne had a pair of sparkling blue eyes, while Astoria had dull, boring brown coloured ones. Even though, they were both Slytherins in Hogwarts, and had average marks in all subjects, her mother never ceased to point out that Daphne was the better Slytherin, and Astoria should follow her sister’s example. In her mother's words, she was a rebellious teen, always whining and complaining, while Daphne was the epitome of a gentle lady.
    How's that?

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    I think that Daphne is dreadful to Astoria, which makes Astoria a little shy in school. I also think that Astoria is Slytherin, (sorry, I really like Slytherins.) I also think she loved Draco from afar and was amazed when he returned her interest in him. I like to think they are happy and well suited to each other. I have a great love of characters which have little-to-none canon hobgoblins, because you have so much to play with them. I also think she is blonde and blue-eyed, and pretty in her own way.

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    I picture Astoria with blonde hair and green eyes. I think she's in Slytherin, and feels overshadowed by Daphne. I can picture her as a shy studious girl, but as a mother she is protective.I can see her feeling sort of annoyed by Narcissa's parenting tips. Yeah.


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    I think that Astoria has brown hair. I don't know why. I think it might be something to do with Draco rather standing out from his family in a way. As they all are blonde hair, blue eyes, I imagine her kind of being the opposite — but I guess I'm not part of the majority on this one.

    She's definitely a Slytherin. I would like to think of her as someone where people could say, 'You've met your match, Malfoy,' because I would hate to think that she was weak. However, she would be a good Slytherin. I, too, think its stupid how some people can't get to grips with the fact that Slytherins can be good. There's nothing wrong with cunning, per se, it's just that most villains need it.

    I would agree with the fact that she needed to prove herself because of Daphne. Nevertheless, perhaps her years in Hogwarts made her a little more sure of herself? It's possible that the attention that she received in her past years made a difference.

    Kathleen x x

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    I think Astoria is a really tough character to write mostly because everyone tries to stick to canon facts, but really, JKR doesn't give any! In my mind, when I picture Astoria, I imagine her with blonde hair, but maybe a darker blonde hair. I also picture her having dark blue eyes. I think she is pretty but in a different way then the obvious usual beauty. Something a little more complicated maybe. I dont know, I have this clear picture of her in my head, with dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I don't know why haha but that's just what I picture!


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