Quick question this, one that the lexicon could probably answer, though I'd having trouble accessing it at the moment, and I could use an answer soon.

In the books, are there teachers monitoring the doors for students coming in and out on Hogsmeade days? I know Filch does it in book 6, but that's a special circumstance, and I know there are dementors in book 3, but that's also a special circumstance. I've tried to find an answer in the books, but since it only applies in GoF and OotP, and there may be special circumstances in both instances...

What do the books say?

What do we think?

It's been a strange day of fanfiction. I've done five thousand words, but the characters keep walking off from my plot points and doing their own thing! And now, having had a severe disagreement with one character regarding their actions (I went against natural flow in favour of plot development, so help me), I now have to bail them out of trouble plausibly and canonically.

XD ...or something.

EDIT: I found a canon way out. I'd say lock and grave, but honestly, it would be better if it just got deleted methinks.