Name: Hermoine Jean Granger
House: Ravenclaw
Title: Solitude
Warnings: Dark/Angsty
Word Count: 499
Author's notes: I would love to thank Azhure, my beta, for all her wonderful help with the drabble. I would also like to thank her for helping me with the title.

I looked at the surroundings with a forlorn and deeply terrified look. To any other person, the beauty of this place would have been mesmerising. It had been for me, too, until a fortnight ago when my entire life had been horribly disfigured by a vicious and revengeful werewolf, Fenrir Greyback. Now, I was one of his kind -a werewolf, a beast who would show his true colours once every full moon. These were the woods that my parents had chosen to be the spot for my transformation. It was secluded, lonely, and at close proximity to my house. So, there I was, walking alone along the deserted path, trying to be brave enough to face my first transformation.

I knew my parents had made their best efforts to secure the place against Muggles and wizards alike. There were strong Muggle-repelling charms all around the forest and the tree logs which had been placed on the path I was walking on would erect to form a cage around me during my transformations. I was feeling very lonely and abandoned. It felt as though the world had caved in on me. Even kith and kin were afraid to talk to me because they felt that I had become ‘contaminated’ now.

As I was walking up the path, I remembered the times I used to come to these woods just to be lost in the enchanting beauty of the surroundings. Now I was to come here for the most dark and terrifying times of my life. I thought of the parody that my life had now become; I couldn’t enjoy anything in my life anymore. The inconsiderateness of life and its difficulties angered me greatly.

The calm brook enticed me with its cool and gentle flow. But all I could think of now was about my transformation. I gazed up at the sky and noticed that the sun was slowly setting, paving the way for the moon to rise. I went up the path and tried to distract myself by listening to the chirping of the birds and the chatter of the animals. I was unsuccessful in doing so as my thoughts were still focused on my transformation and I was quite anxious for it to get over and done with. I missed my mother’s comforting words at this point, and I felt even more depressed. I watched the radiant sky light up in various hues of red and yellow through the small gaps in the thick foliage of trees in the forest. The moon had to rise any moment now and I walked into the clearing which was just beside the path.

The tiny sliver of moonlight passed through the thick foliage and illuminated the tiny clearing. I felt my body go rigid. Suddenly, waves of unbearable pain passed through my body; I felt I couldn’t live to see tomorrow. Then I lost my train of thought and all I could think of was human flesh, my dinner for tonight.