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    Relax, Jordan. I'll look into it and double check (if I sorted you, I would know), but you should be sorted. It may be a problem with communication. I'll check on it this evening and shoot you a response.

    For private matters that are very specific (I'm looking at you, sorting quiz people) send your questions to the mod it involved (meaning me, with sorting quizzes, as I'm one of the very few people that can answer it).

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    Quotation marks and spacing

    Just a quick question on quotation marks - I apologize if I'm asking this in the wrong place:
    If a character is remembering a direct quote from another character, should you use single or double quotation marks? He is not saying it, he is remembering it. So should it be in italics as well to show it is an inner thought?
    Also, I have read through the help pages on the main site and noticed a lot of attention was paid to spacing issues. However, it seems to me that the site changes the spacing. For example, I was taught to leave two spaces in between sentences and I have my spell/grammar check set to correct that, but when I look at my stories, it doesn't look like there are two spaces in between sentences. So do I need to worry about those two spaces? I just want to be sure I'm formatting the way MNFF prefers. Thank you!

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    For thoughts you can use either single quote marks or put them in italics. Just be sure we know that it is a thought.

    As for spacing, MNFF has been adding spaces between paragraphs when the chapter is edited. We're not really sure why but we're trying to figure it out. If you are submitting a fresh chapter, one line of space between each paragraph (and speakers) is what we like to see.

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    Hi, sorry to ask if it' been asked before (what a mouthful!) but in the OC character area in Madam Pomfrey's character clinic, are we able to start a thread to help out others if they are stuck on naming a character and that sort of thing? Or is that somewhere else?

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    If you want to write an essay on coming up with character names, feel free to do so and then send it to the mod who controls the forum in which you want to post. They'll let you know if the essay needs work, and if it doesn't, who to go to.

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    Hello MNFF's Dear Mods

    I'm now having trouble getting on to Mugglenet, MNFF, and the fourms. My new and evil computer likes to inform me that the pages cannot be displayed. I know that there are problems with some browsers, but I am using Internet Explorer, and I thought it was okay with MNFF. Does anyone know what might be causing the problem?

    I apologize if this happens to have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I am currently using an ancient computer and there seems to be something wrong with the screen, which makes proof-reading extremely difficult.

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    I use Explorer and dialup, and often have to log off the internet completely and start all over after getting that message. Once relogged, it's usually okay, though. If it keeps being a problem after that, I don't know what's wrong.

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    I don't know if this is the right place for this question but I'm going to ask it anyways.

    I received 2 reviews on a chapter that is not validated. How is that possible? If a moderator could please explain how this happened please let me know! Thanks.

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    Um, this may be a mod thing, but whenever I try to start a new thread in Room of Requirement, it doesn't show up. Does a mod need to approve it, or is it a problem with my computer?

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    When a rejection is not entirely justified

    I wonder who can help me with this, because while I understand the site has rules and I do try to follow everything, I am a little confused with a rejection on my last submission. Don't get me wrong, i always correct things that are rejected without so much as a complaint, because I understand everyone can forget or make mistakes. I have had works rejected before and it's no big deal to me. In this case, I tried contacting the mod yesterday, and when I didn't get a reply to my inquiry, I decided to submit the story as she wanted, and I sent her yet another email stating the things I changed, even though I didn't agree with them. But this morning, I deleted the whole thing, because I believe I am right in choosing the options I did, and I feel that it wasn't exactly fair, especially because I have another story posted in the same way and it wasn't rejected. Here's the rejection I got:


    The story you submitted to the MuggleNet Fan Fiction database has not been approved at this time.

    Hmm I don't think this belongs in Humor. More like Hermione/Snape.

    You tend to capitalize unnecessary words such as "Hall duty" and "Boggart." You may want to refer to Potterwords on to get an idea on what to capitalize and what not to capitalize."

    Ok, so the only thing I agree with, is that I capitalized "hall duty" unnecessarily, and that is all.

    I visited The Lexicon website, under Potterwords, like she told me to "get an idea on what to capitalize and what not to capitalize," and right there, under "Creatures, beings, etc," I found lists of capitalized magical creatures, and lower-case magical creatures. While it said that as a general rule, better-known creatures are lower-case and odder ones are capitalized, guess what magical creature was in the list of capitalized words?

    Yes, Boggarts.

    Then the category. Shouldn't the author decide what category is better suited for their story? And since I had the 2 other stories on the same theme, and one of them being Hermione/Snape under Humor without any problems from the mods? It is a humorous story, it's part of a series of humorous stories and I am correct in choosing that category. However, if there were sub-categories, I would have chosen Hermione/Snape. Or it could be Hermione/Snape under Humor. But there are no sub-categories and you can't right out choose Hermione/Snape without choosing Romance. Now, it is obvious that Hermione/Snape implies romance, but this is a humorous fic.

    If all fics need to be categorized by their pairing, then what in the world is the purpose of even having a Humor category? Romance is nothing but angst and seriousness? Who decided that?

    So, since I don't get a reply from her, and I think I need to stick up for what I believe as long as it's under the correct rating, warnings and general rules, please tell me what to do from here, because if I have to submit a fic going against The Lexicon, then we need to add to Mugglenet's rules that not everything the Lexicon says is right.

    And also, if a could ask that fics be validated by someone who is not against my pairing of choice?

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