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Thread: Hit Wizards

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    Okay, let me see if I have it all straight now:

    Aurors=the best of the best, the cream of the crop, dark wizard catchers (why it's so hard to become one)
    Hit Wizards=one step below Aurors, deal with wizards who commit crimes, crimes against Muggles, crimes reported to law enforcement (if so, this would definantly be my guy)
    Enforcers=regular patrol wizards to enforce law in the wizarding community, something akin to a cop who rides around neighborhoods in a cop car

    Wonderful! Now I understand.

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    MC Kair
    I want to add something that I didn't add before. On the lexicon it says this:

    Hit Wizards: minimum five owls one in DADA, over 17 and not of a nervous disposition.

    Aurors: minimum five NEWTs with nothing under "Exceeds Expectations" grade. Apart from Defence Against the Dark Arts, the recommended N.E.W.T.s include Charms, Potions (particularly the study of poisons and antidotes), and Transfiguration.

    This means that Aurors are definatly in a higher league that Hit Wizards as they require a higher education. I like to think of hit wizards as the police that capture criminals while Aurors capture dark wizards and are therefore more highly trained.

    The lexicon comfirms this as it says: The Hit Wizards are not the same as Aurors. Hit Wizards, it would seem, are sent primarily against criminals while Aurors track down and capture Dark Wizards.

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