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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 16

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    Pinkcess of the Abyss
    I'm not sure if I have done something wrong, and if I have I'm sorry, but it appears as though my account has been suspended in the Study hall. I wanted to sign up for a class so I pressed reply and it told me I couldn't and gave me a list of possible reasons.

    I can't think why my account would have been suspended in the study hall as I've only participated in one class and I made it clear when I tried to sign up that I could only participate until the 15th of June. I am aware that I still didn't participate much as I wans't added to the list once I realised the class started without me, (It was my first time and I got confused and lost.) and so I could only participate in one task which was not person specific. But I have recived no message to tell me that I can't go there and no one told me off. So I'm confused.

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong please?


    Thank you! It might just be because I've been gone over two months... either way so long as there is a way to fix it.

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    Pinkcess of the Abyss - Your user profile shows you are not a member of the Student usergroup. In order to join, you should request to join the group on your user control panel. As far as I know, not participating in a class cannot get your account suspended. I recommend you rejoin the group.

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    Hia all,

    I just signed up yesterday night and requested the Sorting Quiz this morning. My question is this: is it normal not to have received the quiz even though it's been about twelve hours? I saw in the check-in section that sometimes getting your results can take longer, but I assumed the quiz was automatically generated once requested. I'm probably just being too impatient, but I just thought I would ask, and I appreciate any answers!


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    Hia all,

    I just joined yesterday and am having some issues with using the site.

    I did visit the check-in desk and in theory know how things work, but for some reason, it's not all working for me. I feel very blonde.

    1) My posts say they go through, but then they don't show up. Does anyone know why that could be happening? I switched to the basic text editor to see if that would work, but I don't even know if this post is going to show up... because the other two didn't. :*(

    2) I requested the Sorting Quiz this morning, but have not yet received it. I'm probably just being too impatient, but I thought I would ask if that should be sending up any red-flags to me. I know the quiz results can take a day or two to be generated, but I assumed I would receive the quiz automatically...

    I appreciate anyone's help!


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    Lunicle -

    A few things . . . Firstly, Welcome to MNFF! It may take some time to receive your sorting quiz. A week is not unheard of so please be patient and understand that she (songbook_99) is a busy person and she *does* have a normal life to live on top of Harry Potter. I promise it will get done, just not always right away.

    Secondly, until you are sorted, many of your posts won't appear/are moderated. There is a box on the bottom left corner of each page which tells you if you are on a page that will allow you to post. If not, again, be patient for your sorting quiz to be graded!

    Lastly, if you ever have more than one point to make, please go to your first post and, on the bottom right corner of what you wrote, there is an "edit" option. Use it and you can add anything you need to (to your first initial post).

    Read The Forum Rules! They're Etched in Stone . . .
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    using rare and complicated words

    I wrote a drabble for the 'Worlds within Worlds' competition and I was wondering whether I was able to use it again- either in another Mugglenet competition or as part of a chaptered fic? If I used it in the chaptered fic it would be expanded but the general theme would be the same.



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    Marauder by Midnight
    Equinox Chick - Most of our competitions require you to write a new story/drabble as an entry. However, you are certainly allowed to use your drabble for inspiration for future competition entries and to expand your drabble into a story to be posted on Mugglenet Fan Fiction

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    Hey there Moddlies. I usually PM a random Moderator with questions like these, but I just realized I should stop bugging y'all and just use this.

    So my question is about starting a thread. There are, of course, already threads for each character, but I was wondering if there could be some sort of sub-forum/something else that could be created for writing gay characters. I was hoping for a class this term, but alas, there isn't one.

    I would love to be able to discuss how to better write the HP characters as homosexuals, and I don't feel that the questions would get enough attention in the character's respective threads.

    And please, also

    (who is, indeed, pretty obsessed with writing Slash)

    Edit: Thanks songbook; will do.

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    A.H., you should contact one of the moderators in charge of the Characters forum to discuss your ideas about threads dedicated to writing characters in Slash situations.

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    Back again.

    So, I've been making sure that all the chapters I ever try to submit are under 1,000 words because I thought that was the rule. I was just reading through them [the rules] again however, and I realized that it doesn't state that that's actually a limit.

    Is it? What's the general word-count limit for chapters?


    Edit: Sorry, this probably should've been in the Ask the Navy thread. I'll try to remember the difference next time

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