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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 16

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Jameson
    Uhm.... i tried to log in to the black lake, and i've got the right password and everything, but it keeps saying that it's incorrect...
    Do I need a mods permission before trying to log in??
    Not meaning to step on your modly toes, but Roxy posted the incorrect password on the main page. The password is MerMuggle, not MerMuggles.

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    Whenever I try to upload a larger file to MNFF (about 7000 words), it acts like I haven't put anything in the upload area. If I do something smaller, about 2000-5000, it seems to accept it . . . is this a glitch, or has a new maximum word count for chapters been made?

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    Sorry that I wasnít clear earlier, but I was talking about the August One Shot Challenge in the Great Hall, where the object was to write a Co-Authored Oneshot, with a member from another house and submit it to the archives. Ravensgryff was the moderator in charge, but I donít think she has been on the database in a while. Does anyone know when this will be judged, or is it kinda off the cards at the moment? Thanks again for your time modlies and I love all the new features


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    Sorry to be back again so soon, but I've been having trouble getting on to both the archives and the beta forums all day. I wasn't sure where I should post this, but I just thought I should let you mods know! And it wasn't only me; some others were having problems too.

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Like Sarah, I am facing the same problem. I am unable to access the main Mugglenet site either. Also, if by chance I am able to access the homepage of the forums, I am unable to move to any other page from there onwards. I tried for half an hour before I could reach this thread.

    I also agree with her in saying that others are facing this problem, and these are not isolated cases. Many whom I spoke with are facing the same problem.

    Could you please explain why this is happening?

    Edit: As of today I can access at some times while not at other times. I can access the sub-forums though, now.

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    I experience temporary access loss to MNFF and the boards for over a month now. Until today, it was only a mere inconvenience that settled itself after some minutes of waiting time, and often after clearing my cookies. But today, I wasn't able to log on either of the three sites (MNFF, Mugglenet and the boards) for the majority of the day. And like H.J., if I was finally able to access the boards main page, I got thrown off again as soon as I tried going to one of the subforums.

    I spoke to some other people as well, and everyone experienced the same problem. Is there some problem with the server or database? I'm definitely sure it's not my internet access, because every other site I tried worked fantastically.

    Thank you.

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    I've also had this problem.

    However, I'm here to ask about the series function. How do you use it? i.e., how do I make two fics a series? Thanks.

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    The website problems being experienced are likely due to a server problem with the main site. I'm not proficient in how all these things work, but the fact that I have been able to access any other website but the mugglenet main, MNFF and beta boards leads me to believe this is a problem within the main site. Please be patient, as I'm sure the main site folks are doing everything they can to fix it.

    Euphrates, the series function is no longer usable. It was in use briefly, and many people misused and abused it, so it went away.

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    Can't add a chapter

    I just tried to add a chapter to my story
    Who Am I?
    and I recieved the following error:

    Method Not Implemented

    POST to /stories.php not supported.

    I posted using new story function earlier today so why can't I add to an existing story? Does it have anything to do with the sites being down most of the day?

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    mudbloodproud - Your question is answered in our FAQ section:

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