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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 16

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    I can't seem to add any more authors to my Favorite Authors list. I can still add stories to the favorites, but not authors. Sorry if this has already been brought up, and thanks for your help!

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Hermione_Rocks - Have you read the FAQ on the main site about that?

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    Sarakiel, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

    I am trying to get into the request a beta me obi wan kenobi?

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    Sarakiel: It should be fixed now.


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    Very short question here, and one I searched the FAQ for, though strangely I couldn't find an answer. If it really doesn't say somewhere, then surely this deserves a spot in the FAQ (even though it can't have been frequently asked...)...

    On the site, some fictions have a red and yellow rosette by the side of them. Now I'm hazarding a guess that this doesn't stand for "Warning! Contains Severus/Lily shipping!" and instead relates to some form of award/mark of quality.

    What is it though? Are these past Quicksilver Quill winning stories? There seems to be quite a lot of them for that, so I wondered if it was part of some now out of use awards thing.

    Anyway, what do they stand for and, obviously, when my next book blows away everthing before it () how can I get one?


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    I was just trying to submit my story to the queue, but I always carefully read the preview before I submit, and I was getting really wierd paragraph breaks. I checked and double-checked my HTML, but I didn't put any paragraph breaks there. They showed up in the middle of my dialouge and other things. I didn't submit it because I knew it would be rejected for formatting errors, so I was wondering if this was a temporary glitch, if it's my computer, or I'm just being an idiot. Thanks!

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    AurorKeefy: Those are previously Featured Stories, which are chosen by the mods.

    Mudblood_and_Proud_of_it: If you'll contact me by PM with your story information, I'll see if we can sort this out together.

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    On the archives I was trying to use the Contact Author function to email my brother who just joined, you know, so he could get an email from MUGGLENET FANFICTION and be all excited about it. Anyway, I pressed submit and got this error message:

    The security code you entered did not match. Please try again.
    There is no place whatsoever to enter a security code on the page. I've pressed "Please try again" several times and the same thing keeps happening. So I'm sort of wondering what's going on.

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right thread for this. I've been on the archives for years but only really got into the forum thing about two weeks ago. If there's somewhere else I should direct my query, let me know!


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    Today I recieved a letter notifying me of the rejection of chapter two of my story, Dark of the Moon. That's all fine and I fixed what the mod asked me to, but that's not why I'm here. When I logged in, I found that the first chapter, which was validated ages ago, has been deleted for no apparent reason. The same thing happened with the same story a couple of months ago when I had three chapters of it validated and suddenly it was all deleted. It's very frustrating and I'm just wondering, why?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    saveginny417 - Make sure you're refreshing your page every time to refresh the image you are given. More details are on the FAQ page linked in my signature.

    xOxLyDzxOx - Sometimes a moderator will make the mistake of deleting your entire story rather than your chapter. We're very sorry it happened to you twice, but you'll need to contact the moderator who usually moderates your story, and the two of you can work out an agreement.

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