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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 16

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    Rachel, look HERE.

    mugglemathdork: We're looking into that as we speak.

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    Need help loading next chapter


    When I try to upload the next chapter to my story, Harry Potter and the Mysterious Stubbardmans, it keeps throwing me out. It only gives me the choice to preview and when I click on that button, I get an error message and lose everything that I've tried to upload. Could someone help me out with this? Thanks.


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    Hufflepuff at Heart
    I apologise if this has already been asked, but what does it mean when it says under a username "banned?" Is the person actually banned from MNFF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hufflepuff at Heart
    I apologise if this has already been asked, but what does it mean when it says under a username "banned?" Is the person actually banned from MNFF?
    Yes, for the time being at least, depending on the member. Not all bans are permanent . . . only the ugly ones.

    The site has rules which have been established for a reason - mainly to keep the fiction end of the Mugglenet world running smoothly - but every once in a while the mods have to enforce them in ways that may result in a ban, warning, etc.

    Please just continue to follow the rules here on the forums. They are fair and precise. If you ever want to question a mod about a rule you are always welcome to send us a PM. Contrary to popular belief, we are not monsters (well, most of us) and we are very approachable.

    Read The Forum Rules! They're Etched in Stone . . .
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    still need some help


    I went over to the FAQ section and read about 500/501 errors, but after removing the hyphens from my story, I still received the same error message. What else can I try so that I can get chapter 2 uploaded?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Lena (Deanaz)

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    lena: Try contacting Marauder by Midnight. She should be able to help you sort out the issue.

  7. 08-29-2008, 04:20 PM

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    When does the new Autumn Term begin? I wanted to sign up for a class or two this fall. Thanks for the help!


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    The professors are getting ready for Autumn Term as we speak, which should begin around September 1st.

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    Recently I have been noticing an odd problem with the MNFF site in general. Several times when I have tried to log on lately, the website appears as just a plain black screen (though the ads still appear in all their glory).

    Is this a problem, or are the mods going site maintence? Just thought I'd check.

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    On the topic of school terms, I forgot ... You only adhere to the students usergroup once a new term begins, right? Right now, it's still the Summer term - you can't sign up now for the Fall term, can you? Much thanks.


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