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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 16

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    Ask a Moderator - Part 16

    Please view our Forum's Frequently Asked Questions and Archive's Frequently Asked Questions before posting your questions here, and also make sure your question has not already been asked. (These threads are searchable!)

    [The more people ask the same question, the more pages there are, which cause more people to not take the time to read it, causing them to post the same question and the vicious cycle continues]

    When asking a question that specifically applies to you, your account, or a particular story, you MUST provide the pertinent information, such as your uid.

    Please, allow MODERATORS ONLY to answer the questions in this thread.

    If you have a question which doesn't need to be answered by moderators, please ask Dumbledore's Navy in the Check-In Desk.

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    I know Beth has posted that she is on vacation so I though I would put this here so another MOD could see it (sorry I didn't know who to PM). I know awhile back there was a post somewhere about there being pop-up-ads on the archives, I was pretty sure it was resolved but I just wanted to let someone know that I am getting them again. I just logged on to finish reading and judging gauntlet submissions, I have clicked on 4 different stories and then finally the home page and they are all getting pop-ups. None of them are vulgar, but I just wanted to find out if we are now using these to fund the site or, to let someone know we have been hacked again. I did notice that one of them said 'More from Blogher' I don't know of this is a site or a user but there it is if it is helpful.

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    butter_beer_drinker - Don't worry. We have not been hacked.

  4. 08-01-2008, 05:16 PM

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    James Jameson
    Are we allowed to start new topics in threads like the Room of Requirement (examples: Music to your HP??)



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    In the last few days I have noticed, not popups (I think my popup blocker is stopping that) but advertisements, on the archives (T-mobile, Vonage, Carhartt work pants, Cheerios). I know in the past this has been an 'advertisement-free' site, and I even remember reading something about that, somewhere). Has there been a change in policy? And if so, will it be announced on the home page of the archives?

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    My post count has been at 22 for at least the last couple months and I know I've posted at least 10 times, but it's always stayed the same. Why is this?

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    kir_baby - All of your questions are answered in the forum FAQ and the fanfiction FAQ. Please take the time to read those before exploring our site.

    Tim the Enchanter - Unfortunately, our site does not support Cyrillic letters.

    Viv - PM me the image you are trying to add as your avatar. Make sure it is not animated. It is possible that your image is too big regardless of the "or".

    Hermoine Jean Granger - Your review may include some tags that are not compatible with our system or that are confusing the HTML. Do your reviews include incorrect HTML tags, hyphens, or slashes? Try taking them out before posting your reviews.

    shadolily - Please read the FAQ.

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    Vida Lupin
    Hello Mods I'm new to this site and I have a few questions. I am so sorry if these questions have been answered but I'm just getting used to the site and I haven't found these questions asked anywhere yet.

    When requesting a beta reader and I haven't finished the story yet, I just want them to review the chapter, what am I supposed to say for the word count? Am I supposed to finish the story before I have a beta reader have a go at it? If so why does the site give me an option for saying the story isn't finished?

    Also whenever I try to add an author or a story as my favorite it acts like it normally would if the request had gone through but when I look at my account information I don't have any favorite authors or stories.

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    I checked the FAQ and nothing helpful came up. Sorry to bother you again, and usually I wouldn't care, but I'm going to try to get into the BA I need my posts to count...

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