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Thread: Timeline help for deaths in final Battle

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    Timeline help for deaths in final Battle

    I am in need of the order in which the following characters died in the final battle. I can't see to find an exact order anywhere. If anyone has read something on this, please let me know.

    This is who I need and the order I think they died in:


    Does that order seem right? I know of those four, Snape was definatly last because Harry saw their bodies on his way to Dumbledore's office with Snape's memories.

    I am thinking Fred died first because the battle had only just begun.

    Remus was seen battling with Dolohov before Tonks entered the battle.

    So am I safe in assuming this is the correct order?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I believe that JK has confirmed that Remus died before Tonks. She says that Remus was killed by Dolohov and Tonks by Bellatrix. Remus is duelling Dolohov when Tonks arrives.

    However Remus probably died before Fred. We hear that he's battling Dolohov from Aberforth- Tonks rushes off to find him- The trio go to the Room of requirement to get the diadem, Crabbe dies in fire, they meet Fred and Percy- Fred dies.

    I reckon the order is more like


    although Tonks and Fred could be interchageable I guess.

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