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    Sly Severus
    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Original Character: Elysia Malfoy
    Title: Be My Valentine?
    Ratings and Warnings: 1st-2nd Years / None
    Word Count: 510

    Elysia had a mouthful of pancake when Bellatrix shoved the small flyer into her hand. She was always doing that, showing up with early morning news that no one else yet knew. Bella had a knack for finding out—well everything. Even at thirteen, she knew how to get what she wanted.

    “A ball,” Bella announced, setting beside her, and taking a bite of muffin. “Hogwarts is having a Valentine’s Day Ball.”

    “For fourth years and up,” Elysia replied, glancing at the paper. “You do remember we’re in third year, right?”

    “Fourth years and up, and their dates,” Bella told her, smiling widely. “Come on, we have to go to this. We’re both gorgeous. Our blood is pure. Of course, we can find a date. Admit it, you want to go.”

    Glancing at the paper again, Elysia nodded. She wanted to go. Balls were so elegant. Being a Malfoy, everyone assumed she was used to that sort of thing. The truth, her parents never allowed her to attended fancy dinner parties. They thought she was too young.

    “Fine,” she muttered. “I’d like to go. That doesn’t mean some fourth year is going to ask me or you.”

    “Wait and see,” Bella replied with a mischievous smile.

    They had one week to secure dates and Bella was ready for the challenge. The week passed agonizingly slow for Elysia. She wanted to go to the ball, but she didn’t want to make a fool of herself.

    That whole week was spent running around Hogwarts wearing far too much make-up and showing off superior magic skills. It was true that she and Bella were beautiful and magically talented, but when they were flaunting people knew it. They also knew it was best to avoid a pureblooded Slytherin with ulterior motives.

    By Friday night, the night of the ball, they had earned nothing more than glares from teachers. They were dateless. They were not going to the ball.

    Elysia sighed as she entered the deserted Slytherin Common Room wearing her pajamas. Everyone was either at the ball, on a date, or sulking. She was avoiding Bella, who was most likely doing the latter.

    When Bella burst into the room with a smile and handful of sweets Elysia was amazed. Her friend didn’t handle defeat well.

    Flopping down beside her, Bella opened a bag of Every Flavor Beans and ate contently.

    “What gives?” Elysia asked, helping herself to a chocolate frog. “I thought you wanted to go to the ball.”

    “I did,” Bella admitted with a shrug, “but then I thought about it a bit more. There are worst things than spending Valentine’s Day with you stuffing our faces with chocolate.”

    “Like what?” Elysia asked.

    “Like being at the ball and ending up like our parents,” she replied. “I never want that to happen to us. I don’t want to hate the person I’m with.”

    “You won’t,” Elysia replied, facing her friend. “You’re too smart for that.”


    “Hey, Bella,” Elysia said, smiling like a fool, “will you be my valentine?”

    “Absolutely,” Bella replied, laughing.

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    Voldy's Daughter in... love?

    Name: harryginny4eva61/ Lily6161
    House: Gryffindor
    Original Character: Zaire Riddle
    Title: Tom's Daughter In Love?
    Ratings and Warnings: 3-5 years/ none
    Word Count: 601

    Zaire rested her chin on her palm, looking out at the skating rink where many couples were holding hands. Tears were streaming thickly down her pale cheeks, causing her to look like a statue with rain on it. Was Ted out there with Victoire? On the other hand, had he dumped her for some other girl, as he had to Zaire a little over two years ago? Ted had been Zaire’s; he never would talk to Victoire even when she did try her schemes to get him to go out with her. Then, two months after the two had bought their flat, he had dumped her for Victoire. The worst part for Zaire was that she still was in love with Ted, even after that. Even after he left her for another, she still loved him. Moreover, she hated herself for it. Her lonely, broken-hearted thought train was halted with a knock on the door. “It’s open.” She choked out, and a worried Ginny Weasley rushed in.

    “Hi.” Zaire attempted a smile at her.

    “Oh, Zaire, look at you.” Ginny gazed at Zaire up and down and cocked an eyebrow. “Him?” Zaire nodded, and Ginny took her into her arms. She knew Zaire had loved Ted almost as much as she loved Harry. It had hurt Zaire to know she had cut off ties with everything she had ever known, and then Ted had left her for Victoire, who was two years younger. Ginny had watched Zaire suffer, and let her stay at the Potters until she found a new flat (it was decided Ted keep theirs). Ginny watched Zaire cry into her cereal every morning, and when Zaire had moved out six months later, Ginny made a point to check on her.

    “I just don’t get it. How after that, could I still love him?” Zaire asked; face angry with her and impatience shining through the tears.

    “I don’t know. I loved Harry for years till he stopped being thick. And then after he left I spent another year without him.” Ginny answered patiently.

    “But Ted he... I don’t get it!” Zaire shook her head. “I should hate Ted! I should be over him! I should be dating other guys!” The door creaked open yet again.

    “Why should I be hated?” Ted was carrying roses and had a look of bewilderment on his face. Zaire glanced up, and Ted handed her the roses.

    “You think I want those?” Zaire stood up. “You left me, you ignored my letters, now, and you come back with flowers? What you dumped Victoire? When?” Zaire’s eyes were as hard as ice, yet had a fire in them, something she always did.

    “I didn’t dump her; she broke up with me for someone else. And that allowed me to see what I needed!” Ted began to yell.

    “Which was?” Zaire cocked an eyebrow.

    “You.” Ted said simply.

    “Oh. The little cliché, it makes everything better. Well it isn’t working!” The words whipped off Zaire’s tongue like a whip. Ted stared at her, sighing slowly. As her mouth puckered for an insult, Ted pulled her in for a kiss. When they broke apart, Zaire stared at him.

    “Sorry.” He made a move to disentangle himself.

    “No. I was kissing back, Ted, I... I... I still love you.” Zaire said.

    “Yeah. I knew it.” Zaire glared at him like murder. “But you should hate me.” He smirked.

    “I should.” Zaire nodded.

    “But you don’t” He flashed that cocky smile again, and pulled Zaire back in. “Happy Valentine’s day, dear,” he whispered to her before their lips met.

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    Name: Molly/OliveOil_Med
    House: Ravenclaw
    Original Character: Nate Rivers
    Title: Date Date
    Ratings and Warnings: 1st-2nd years, Mild Profanity
    Word Count: 472

    “One free birthday dessert,” the waiter scrolled on his notepad. “And how old are you going to be?”

    Nate straightened his spin and tried to fake a truthful looking smile. “Fourteen.”

    Truth be told, Nate Rivers wouldn’t be fourteen for another two weeks, but he didn’t have the money to afford an actual dinner at a restaurant where you had to wear a tie. Besides, it wasn’t that unbelievable of a lie. Lots of kids were born on Valentine’s Day.

    Or was it conceived?

    But Nate was too nervous to focus on any abstract subject right now. Alaia Grace would be walking through the front door at any moment and he had to do everything in his power to make sure this evening was absolutely perfect. He had gone through too much trouble to get Alaia to meet him at this restaurant without actually needing to ask her face to face to mess anything up now.

    His spine was starting to hurt from holding it erect for so lone, but Nate sill could not find anything to make him want to stop sitting at that table in that jacket and tie and that stupid grin plastered across his face. Even after three hours when Alaia was supposed to meet him. Physically, he was still sitting perfect, but his spirits were just now starting to wane.

    Suddenly, the door chimes rang out (doing so for the first time in an hour and a half) and when Nate looked over, he felt his heart skip. It was the exact shape of an eighth grade girl! She was wearing high heeled shoes, a sleek dressy skirt…

    …shiny black hair…and a five-year-old following behind.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she said, at the side of the table before he could even realize it. “It’s looks like you’ve been having a good time.”

    “Hi, Lorelei,” Nate moaned, spinning his fork on the tabletop. “Hi, Rae.”

    His best friend (who he was NOT romantically involved with) and her little sister pulled up their own chairs and made themselves comfortable. “What went wrong?” Lorelei asked in a way that really didn’t sound as though she could have cared less.

    “What do you think? Nate snapped. “Alaia never showed up!”

    “Did you remember to ask her?”

    “Yes!” Nate said, dropping his fork. “I wrote her a note.”

    “Did you actually give it to her?”

    Crap!” Nate muttered under his breath.

    “Ah, I see you lady friend is finally here.” The waiter snuck up on the with a small slice of cake topped with a candle. “Make a wish.”

    In one huff, Nate blew out the candle and threw his head over the back of the chair. “I wish I was dead.”

    Lorelei shook her head and offered a surprisingly genuine-looking smile. “Nate, it won’t come true if you say it out loud.”

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    Name: Pooja/ Ginny Weasley Potter
    House: Hufflepuff
    Original Character: Chris Stevens (EDIT: I wasn't too sure, but since everyone has done this, I thought I'd mention Daisy Joe, my other OC. The main OC is Chris, though.)
    Title: Reassurance
    Ratings and Warnings: 3rd-5th years, slight sexual situations
    Word Count: 696

    A/N: A type of hypothetical scene from Killer Instincts. I don't think this scene will ever take place in the fic. For all KI readers, neither does this imply that Daisy will die, nor does it imply that Chris and Ginny will survive in the fic. As I said, this is hypothetical!

    Chris brought the syringe to eye level and tested it by squirting out a bit the potion. Gently pulling up Daisy’s sleeve, he pushed the needle through her skin slowly. She winced, but made no sound. Chris, though, threw away the used needle and cleared his throat. “Urm… today’s Valentine’s Day.”

    She looked at him, amazed. “Gosh, have I really been in the hospital that long? Anyway, who’s your date?”

    He blushed. “Um, actually… that’s what I wanted to ask you. Will you be my date?”

    There was silence. Daisy raised an eyebrow. “And surely, even you would want a date who looks less like a vampire.”

    Chris took a look at her. She was pale as chalk. He eyes were sunken and her black hair and pimples stood out starkly. Her lips were chapped and raw. Yet, she was beautiful.

    “I still think you’re the prettiest girl on earth.”


    “I’m not lying. Could we start over? Again?”

    She shook her head. “No, Chris, it isn’t going to help. I won’t live long. All you will get to do with me is to sit at my grave and cry. I think… you must find someone else. Someone who is not dying.”

    “You’re not dying.”

    “Does it help to live in false hopes?”

    “I love you. No one can replace you. And you won’t die.”

    “You won’t give up, will you? Fine. I’ll be your date. But what will we do? Are you planning on getting a bit of IV therapy so that we can ‘hold hands and talk over drip?’”

    Chris smiled. “No. Today, we’ll redefine a date.”

    “Oh, we’ve redefined most things as a couple, if you ask me.”

    He came close to her. “I’ll start with your gifts. Fourteen gifts for the fourteenth day of February.” He picked up her hand and kissed each finger. “One… two… three… four… five-” he kissed the centre of her palm, “-six.” Taking the other palm, he repeated the ritual by counting from seven to twelve. Finally, he got his face close to hers, and kissed her forehead. “Thirteen.” He waited for a moment, admiring her lovely eyes. Then he bent closer… far too close.

    His lips found hers and he kissed her, slowly… gently. She kissed him softly, too, but suddenly, she seemed to grow more passionate. He felt his heart race, as the kiss grew deeper and deeper. Tears filled his eyes as he held her close. True; hopes that she would survive were low. Yet, he wanted her. Only her.

    Her hand felt his hair, stroking it, moving right down his back… then she began to poke him.

    He broke away abruptly. “Ow! That hurts, Daisy!”


    “Huh?” Chris flinched a bit and his eyes flew open. Ginny was right in front of him, eyeing him in bewilderment. He hastily wiped away a tear that had fallen down his cheek.

    Ginny noticed the tear and ruffled his hair. “What happened?”

    “I had a dream… it was Valentine ’s Day,” Chris replied, looking at Daisy. She lay on the bed… still… unmoved. “Daisy was awake. She spoke to me.”

    Ginny put an arm around Chris. “Valentine’s Day is not in another twenty days or so. And Daisy will definitely be with you on that day.”

    “Will she wake up, Ginny?” It was a childish, desperate question.

    Ginny nodded. “She has all of us and all she has to do now is to believe in herself. You told me so, Chris. Then why are you losing hope?”

    “She told me not to live in false hopes.”

    “She is right. But we are not living in false hopes. She will wake up. I just know it.”

    “Can- can I just talk to her…? Alone?”

    “Okay.” Ginny got up and walked out of the ward, as Chris slipped his hand into Daisy’s. Her fingers were still as soft as always… but cold. He leaned in and whispered into her ear.

    “I love you… beyond all rationality. This time, you will be my Valentine… Flower.You will wake up.”

    Chris could have sworn then that he felt her hand twitch feebly… as if she had wanted to reassure him, too.
    ~ Pooja

    AMAZING story banner by Nadia/majestic_ginny! Dimply Sammeh by me.
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    Kate Skeffington
    Name: Mila Z/ Kate Skeffington
    House: Gryffindor
    Original Character: Tabitha Specks and Patrick MacMillan.
    Title: Bitter sweet.
    Ratings and Warnings: 1st-2nd years.
    Word Count: 638

    A/N: Characters are from my fic, I solemnly Swear. If anyone's reading it, this entry might have some sort of spoilers, although this scene might not be added to the fic in the end.

    As she walked through the icy corridors of Hogwarts towards the library, Tabitha chewed on her lip, nervously. It had been proven impossible to keep her mind off anything related to St Valentine’s day because not only were there rosy decorations adorning every inch of the school but the portraits too, seemed to be immersed in the festive spirit: singing sentimental songs, and erupting into loud love declarations for their neighbours.

    The library, she mused, was a very odd place to meet someone. Definitely not the most romantic of all places but, at least there she was bound to have some privacy; there weren’t any curious eyes to nose in on her business, except for Madam Pince, who, eyed her suspiciously, the minute she walked in.

    Taking a look around, Tabitha confirmed that the library was, indeed, not the most concurred place on a Friday afternoon. There were only small clusters of students from Seventh, scattered here and there, which made her feel slightly less jumpy. She walked straight towards the Charms section, where she devised the top of a wispy- haired head

    “Patrick,” she said, taking the owner of the wispy hair by surprise.

    Patrick, spun around, his hands holding a beaten, leather-bound copy of 'Charm Your Own Cheese'. “Hi,” he stuttered.

    “Did you have to wait too long?” Tabitha asked, anxiously, looking around for a clock. “I know I told you to meet me here at five-thirty, but I lost track of time and...”

    “No, it’s okay, I haven’t been waiting that long, and this book is kind of interesting so, no problem.” He waved 'Charm Your Own Cheese' enthusiastically causing a few pages to fall off.

    “Oh, good.” Tabitha’s heart suddenly begun to pound against her chest, as Patrick gathered the torn pages and they both fell into an uncomfortable silence. “Er, right. You’re probably wondering why I asked you to come.” Patrick stared at her, expectantly. Tabitha gulped. “I was wondering if you knew there was a Hogsmeade weekend tomorrow?”

    Patrick looked at her strangely and nodded. “Yeah, it was announced last week.”

    “Er, are we going together? Since it’s Valentine’s day and all...” she said, all in one breath. Tabitha saw Patrick cheeks turn slightly red and hurriedly added, “I mean, if you had other plans, that’s okay, I completely understand. I was just, you know...checking.”

    Patrick chortled softly. “Well, we have been going out, haven’t we?” Tabitha nodded, sheepishly. “I guess that means we get to spend Valentine’s together.”

    “Right.” Tabitha looked around, trying to avoid Patrick’s eyes. “Well, I guess I’ll see you there ” And with no more preamble, she stalked off.

    The following day, February the fourteenth, Tabitha made her way downstairs with the rest of the school to where Filch was checking that those without permission to visit Hogsmeade didn’t slip out of the castle and Tabitha found herself wishing she had been one of those students. She wished she wasn’t expected to go to Hogsmeade for Valentine’s, she wished Patrick had said he had other plans, she wished things were simpler. It was strange how a few months could change things, how she could hate someone, who, she now undoubtedly didn’t—most definitely didn’t. And it was odd how time hadn’t changed other things, at all. Patrick was still her boyfriend. But as Patrick and her made their way to Hogsmeade, hand in hand, snow crunching beneath their feet, a little voice inside her head reminded her that could change, quite easily if she wanted.

    She sighed and looked ahead of her, James and his friends were walking not far away. She kept her eyes on them as much as she could without making Patrick suspicious and then, for a brief moment, Sirius looked over his shoulder at her and Tabitha felt, guiltily, her heart skipping a beat.

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    using rare and complicated words
    Name: Equinox Chick
    House: Hufflepuff
    Original Character: Martha Macdonald
    Title: Keeping him.
    Ratings and Warnings: 3rd-5th. Implied Sexual Situations
    Word Count: 699

    “Martha, Martha,” called Sally. “Where’s he taking you? I bet he has something totally cool planned.”

    Martha giggled. “I have no idea, Sal. He said it would be a surprise. Lunch somewhere and then...” Martha was lost in her thoughts as she imagined her boyfriend (she still had to pinch herself at that term) treating her to a Valentine’s lunch, a drink somewhere, and then perhaps a romantic walk under tonight’s full moon.

    “Will you help me with this?”she asked. She held out a necklace. The moonstone pendant seemed to dance under the light.

    “That is so beautiful. Did Sirius buy you that for your birthday?”

    Martha nodded.

    “You are so lucky, Martha Macdonald,” stated Sally, with a note of envy in her voice. “A boyfriend who is not only gorgeous but generous too.”

    Martha smiled but said nothing. She really didn’t know why Sirius was going out with her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t his type – Sirius Black didn’t seem to have a type. Her sister, Mary, had once said if someone was female and had a pulse then Sirius Black would be all over them like a rash. Sirius, who had been in the room at the time, had protested mildly that he could be discerning when he wanted to be, but Martha didn’t think he’d been too upset by Mary’s analysis.

    It was easy to catch Sirius Black, but holding him was a completely different matter.
    She pulled her hair out of the way and felt Sally’s cold fingers lightly place the chain around her neck.

    “Do you have a plan to keep him?” asked Sally.

    “Wh-what do you mean, keep him?” Martha stuttered.

    It was Sally’s turn to smile. “Be realistic, Martha, he could have anyone.”


    At noon, Martha met Sirius in the Common Room. He kissed her softly on the cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.” Martha hoped he approved of the dress, the makeup and the new hairstyle. She was so used to the curls that flopped in her face that she felt strange with them all swept up into a chignon. Sally had told her she looked sophisticated but Martha wasn’t sure.

    “You look lovely,” said Sirius, giving her hand a squeeze. “The necklace suits you.”

    Martha stood on tip toes and kissed him. “It’s beautiful, thank you.”

    Hand in hand they walked into Hogsmeade.

    “I’ve booked a table at the Three Broomsticks. Don’t worry; I’ve bribed the others to go to the Hog’s Head instead.”

    She giggled and he laughed at her obvious relief.

    Rosmerta had set aside part of the pub for couples that afternoon. Decorated with charmed roses that wafted Amortentia whenever they were touched, Martha was not surprised that the place was full. Over in the corner she could see Sonia, one of Sirius’ exes, casting amused looks at her. It won’t last, those looks appeared to say.

    “Sirius,” Martha said, as she sipped her sparkling pixie juice. “Where are we going after this?”

    “Oh... err... I don’t know,” Sirius replied. He appeared flustered. “I-I hadn’t really planned anything else. Just lunch and then a long walk back to the castle. Do you mind?”

    “N-no, that’s fine. I was just wondering...” She blushed slightly. “Um, well you know it was my birthday last week?”

    He nodded.

    “I was sixteen.”

    “Uh-huh, so?”

    “Well,” she began, cursing Merlin for making this so hard. “I was wondering whether you wanted to... um... celebrate properly with me.” She paused. “Perhaps tonight?”

    Sirius did a double take and for a second she saw a light flare up in his eyes. Then he touched her face very softly. “I can’t tonight, sweetheart.”

    Martha stared at her uneaten plate of food. She felt his fingertips on her chin, as he lifted her face to his.

    “I really do have something important I have to do tonight, Martha. I’m sorry, but...” he paused, and then smiled wickedly. “Another time, certainly.”

    Feeling disappointed and ridiculous, Martha tried to concentrate on the rest of the date but her impulsive offer now hung between them. She really didn’t think she was ready for that type of relationship, yet now she’d made the first move she couldn’t possibly say no.
    Carole (who's not sure she's followed the prompt properly )

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    Name: mzap
    House: Hufflepuff
    Original Character: Genevieve Weasley and Demetri Rosier
    Title: A Hairy Heart
    Ratings and Warnings: 3rd-5th Years; some sexual situations
    Word Count: 627

    A/N: For those who haven't read Tales of Beedle the Bard, a "hairy heart" refers to "a cold or unfeeling witch or wizard." Also, this doesn't reflect my own views on love or how people spend their Valentine's Day; Genevieve is just bitter. Both characters are from my fic, A Mix of Alliances and Sentiments, though this is more reflective of earlier years in their relationship.

    “I hate this holiday,” Genevieve grumbled. She was in the Slytherin common room, lying on the couch with her head on Demetri’s lap. He looked down at her, his fingers running across her abdomen, occasionally going under her shirt.

    The common room was empty except for the couple. Everyone else had gone to Hogsmeade with their dates and even the younger years were outside the confinements of the dormitories. Demetri had snuck her in shortly after everyone had gone, but it didn’t matter since she knew the password already and about the entire House had seen her in the room before.

    “Oh?” he said. He raised his eyebrow in question.

    “Who was the moron who came up ‘St. Valentine’s Day’ anyways? Everywhere you look, there are snogging couples and people who think they’re ‘in love.’” She pulled a disgusted face. “Its always ‘Oh, I’m in love with you’ or ‘I can’t live without you.’”

    “I’d say someone’s a bit bitter about not being in love,” he smirked, mocking her.

    “Me? No. Never. Love is just an excuse people use to stay together. It doesn’t exist.” Genevieve sat up and rested her head on Demetri shoulder. He placed his arm around her and held her tightly.

    “Then how do you explain all the people together today? They seem to be ‘in love.’” Demetri inquired.

    She pulled away and gave an obvious look. “Please, have you seen the Gryffindor common room? I’ve never seen so many couples attached at the lips. It’s disgusting.”

    “You know, a lot of people could say the same about us,” he argued.

    Genevieve rolled her eyes. “Yes, but at least we have the decency of finding a broom closet first.”

    The door to the common room suddenly opened, revealing a Slytherin third year. He looked at the couple and scowled when he saw Genevieve’s gold and red robes. “What is a Gryffindor doing in the Slytherin common room?” he sneered. “Wait, she’s that Weasley, isn’t she? Merlin, you’re standards have lowered, Rosier.”

    “Get out,” Demetri commanded, frowning.

    The boy didn’t budge, but instead, puffed out his chest and walked across the room to put down his books on a table. “I have every right to be in the common room, unlike your girlfriend.” He glowered at Genevieve.

    “Get—” Demetri started but was cut off by Genevieve.

    “I suggest you leave the room, unless you want to end up like that seventh year I cursed two weeks ago. Might I add that he’s still in the hospital wing in the shape of a worm.” She gave a cunning smile as the boy’s face went pale. Genevieve reached for her wand and the boy grabbed his items and rushed out the door.

    “Genevieve Weasley, you have a hairy heart,” Demetri stated, watching the boy run out.

    “I do not have a hairy heart!” she said, aghast. “I may be a bit harsh, but I do have feelings.”

    “I’d like to see you prove that one,” he laughed.

    “Fine then. How would you like me to prove it?” she challenged.

    “Will you be my Valentine?” His face looked a little hopeful, but he still seemed to be mocking her.


    Demetri looked stunned. “What do you mean ‘no?’”

    “Well, not when you ask me like some pathetic, lovesick teenager.” He looked a bit hurt and Genevieve began to feel guilty. Her face twisted into a halfhearted smile. “Oh, all right, I’ll be your Valentine,” she said in annoyed tone. She reclined against him again while he put his arm around her. “What do Valentines do, anyway?”

    “How would I know?” He shrugged. He then gave a furtive smile as he slipped his hand under her shirt. “But I can think of one thing we can do.”

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    Name: Azhure
    House: Ravenclaw
    Original Character: Timothy Jenkins and Patrick Corner (with a small appearance of Georgina Link )
    Title: Georgina
    Ratings and Warnings: None
    Word Count: 651
    Author's Notes: *sprints in* Woot! I'm not late!

    “Georgina? Um, can I ask you something?”

    Timothy Jenkins looked up in surprise to see his friend Patrick approaching Georgina, who sat by the window.

    “Yeah, sure, Patrick. What’s up?”

    Patrick seemed nervous. He was fiddling with his sleeve and it didn’t seem like he could stand still.

    It was then that Timothy realised what his friend must have been doing. Merlin, he thought. Patrick is going to kill me.

    Quickly, he rushed forwards, reaching out to grasp his friend’s robes to pull him back, and away from the humiliation of getting rejected.

    “Umm,” said Patrick. “W-Will you be my Valentine – hey! What are you doing?”

    Timothy yanked his friend backwards so they both went crashing to the floor in a heap. But it was too late, and as Timothy felt Patrick's elbow jabbing into his stomach, he knew that the damage had been done. Desperately, he looked up at Georgina, praying that she would realise what was going on, and that she’d kindly refuse Patrick’s request, and leave it at that.

    “Oh, Patrick.” She laughed at the state both the boys were in – sprawled over each other, red-cheeked and glaring. “I’m sorry, but Timothy here... Well, he’s already asked me.” She giggled again.

    Timothy felt Patrick tense up, and he desperately tried to untangle himself so he could somehow prevent what was to come...

    Yet the explosion was imminent.

    “I can’t believe you lied!” exclaimed Patrick angrily, picking himself up off of the ground, and unconsciously glancing around at the surrounding crowd of Ravenclaws.

    “I didn’t know what to say, you git,” replied Timothy, also standing up. “Would you've rather known that I’d beaten you to the punch than think you’d have a chance with her?”

    “But I asked her! How could you not think that I’d ask her?” Patrick took a step forwards, angrily kicking his bag out of the way. There was some muttering from the side, and Timothy looked over to see Georgina whispering with some friends. She looked thrilled that they were arguing over her.

    Looking back at Patrick, Timothy blurted out, “Because I thought you’d chicken out. Seriously, Pat. When have you ever talked to a girl, let alone asked one out?”

    Patrick blushed bright red and cast another look around at the onlookers. He seemed to struggle with himself for a minute until, suddenly, he picked up his book bag and stormed over to the staircase leading to the dormitories, disappearing up the stairs.

    Timothy sighed angrily and glanced at Georgina. “I, err – I think our date is cancelled.”

    Without waiting for a reaction, he followed Patrick up the stairs, hoping that he could convince his friend to stop moping.

    “Hey, Patrick! Patrick! Come on – wait up!”

    Patrick stopped halfway up the staircase and quickly turned around, his book bag banging against his leg, and his eyes flashing. “What?” he snapped.

    Timothy skidded to a halt on the bottom step, eying his friend warily. “I’m sorry, okay? I was just curious...”

    “Curious about whether I’d make a fool of myself in front of your girlfriend?” Patrick crossed his arms over his chest, dropping his bag in the process, which landed with a muffled flump on the stairs.

    Timothy looked down at the bag, seeing the Ravenclaw crest that was stitched into it, and the frayed edges which Patrick always refused to mend for some unknown reason. “Well, yeah,” he replied, after a few minutes of staring at the bag. Looking back up at Patrick, Timothy could see that his friend was not pleased.

    But it really wasn’t his fault. Patrick had been so excited about asking Georgina to be his Valentine... and Timothy couldn’t bear to ruin his friend’s happiness by saying that Georgina was actually his own girlfriend... It would just have been cruel.

    Besides, he had never expected Patrick to pluck up the courage to ask her out!

    That just wasn’t Patrick!
    Gah, I had to cut so much out of this drabble...

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    Name: eternalangel
    House: Ravenclaw
    Original Character: Sergei Krum
    Title: The Last Dance
    Ratings and Warnings: 3rd-5th year, none
    Word Count: 682
    Author Note: I just wanted to add that my character met his wife Elaina in 1920, so the social customs will be different than what we are used to. I also didn't mention Valentines day in this because I don't really think they would have celebrated this holiday in 1920's Russia. Also I hope I am not too late for this!

    The young man nervously straightened his suit, his large fingers fumbling with the lapels. He wasn’t tall like some of the other gentleman and he had never been graceful. The young man was stout and solid. He walked roughly and looked more like a laborer than a suitor, but he was kind and gentle and he hoped that would be enough.

    The young man watched as the couples swept across the worn, wooden floors like flower petals on a soft spring breeze. He barely noticed the nervous titters from the girls when their partners whispered something in their ears or the matronly chaperones who flitted in between the couples, their keen eyes on the lookout for any breach of social etiquette. He barely heard the frigid notes of the classical music as it rolled off the gramophone. All the young man could see and hear was her, the one girl he was madly in love with.

    Her beauty sucked the very breath out of his chest. He loved how the sunlight that slanted through the glass windows set off a thousand shards of light in her blond ringlets. Her eyes were the color of a wide, blue sky on a summer day and her soft, pink lips were cherry blossom petals. He could hear nothing but her melodious laughter that lingered in the air around him.

    The young man watched her as she made round after round with a new partner, for Elaina Milanovich was never without a partner. He clenched his dance card close to his chest, feeling his heart thud loudly. Every slot was empty, except one. The young man had finally gotten the courage to ask her to dance. The last dance was his and as it drew near, he felt his excitement and anxiety rise up in him.

    If he could just hold her hand, it would be enough. If she would just smile at him and look into his eyes, he would be the happiest man forever. He wished she knew how he worshipped the ground she walked on, but maybe this one dance would be the only moment he would have with her.

    The hours slowly melted away into evening. The young man felt his heart as it jumped into his throat. He would soon be at her side, soon be holding her and he hoped he wouldn’t make a fool of himself. Finally, the last dance was called and the young man started to make his way towards Elaina. She turned to face him and for the first time their eyes met. The young man felt an electric shock run through his body and it made him stumble. He quickly righted himself, blushing as he came towards her.

    When he was just a foot away from his angel, he stopped and formally bowed to her. He realized then that that custom was sorely out of date. He heard a nervous giggle escape her lips and he quickly stood from his bow. Nearby a chaperone eyed them sternly, her lips in a firm line of disapproval. Elaina ignored the woman at her side.

    “Hello. My name is Elaina Milanovich.”

    The young man opened his mouth to speak, but felt as the words became entangled in the back of his throat. All of his previously rehearsed speeches had suddenly disappeared.

    All the young man could come up with was, “Yes, I know who you are.”

    Blushing intensely by his abrupt answer, he tried to still his pounding heart and when it was in a bearable range, he tried to answer her again.

    “Hello. My name is Sergei Krum,” he said, the words stumbling from his lips.

    “I know who you are,” Elaina responded, her pale cheeks turning a bright red.

    Sergei was shocked that she even knew his name, so much so that he hadn’t even realized the dance had begun and Elaina was holding out her hand to him. He quickly recovered himself and took her dainty hands gently into his large ones and they began to dance their dance, the last dance of the day.

    Banner of one of my favorite characters. Icon is a quote from Battlestar Galactica. Banner and icon by me.

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    Name: DarkAngel
    House: Ravenclaw
    Original Character: Anthony Harlow, Rick Stephens
    Title: Tough Luck
    Ratings and Warnings: 3rd-5th yrs; none
    Word Count: 700…after a LOT of editing

    “Go on, ask her.” urged Rick.

    “Stop pushing me!” snapped Anthony.

    “Well, if I don’t push you then you’ll never ask her,” Rick replied as he shrugged his shoulders.

    “I will ask her…I’m just trying to find the right moment.”

    “Right moment my arse. You’re wimping out.”

    “Am not.”

    “Are too. Look, mate, if you don’t, then I’ll go do it for you.”

    Anthony scowled at his best friend. He knew Rick well enough to know that he would do that very thing.

    “Stupid, over-confident, bloody…”

    “What did you say?”


    Rick smirked. “It better be nothing. Now shut your trap and ask her before someone else does.”

    Anthony glared at Rick one more time before he trudged out of his common room.

    “Rose, will you be…hi, Rose, do you have a date for Valentine’s yet…Rose - ”

    “Yes, Anthony?”

    Anthony stopped and saw that Rose was standing right in front of him, looking at him expectantly. He noticed that she had tied her red hair differently today, and that she was wearing make-up. All of a sudden, his mouth became dry as he couldn’t take his eyes off her lip-glossed lips.

    “Er…did you want something?” Rose asked.

    “Yes – no – I mean…yeah,” stammered Anthony as he gulped. Wow, you’ve just made a great first impression, Anthony. Congratulations, he thought as he mentally kicked himself.

    Rose raised an eyebrow. Anthony took a deep breath.

    “Do you have any plans for Hogsmeade?”

    Well, that was what Anthony meant to say, but all that came out was –

    “Hogsmeade you going plans?”

    Rose gave Anthony a weird look. “Er…”

    “Hey, Rose!” called a blonde-headed boy as he began towards them.

    “Scorpius! Hi,” greeted Rose as she smiled at him. Anthony frowned at her. Was it him, or did she look a lot happier now that Malfoy was here?

    “Hey, would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me for Valentine’s Day?” Scorpius asked. He didn’t even glance in Anthony’s direction.

    “Sure,” Rose replied, grinning happily.

    “Great, see you then,” Scorpius said as he took off.

    Anthony’s mouth was agape. What the bloody hell just happened? Scorpius Malfoy just asked Rose Weasley right in front of him!

    “So, you were saying, Anthony?” Rose asked as she turned towards him.

    “Nothing,” Anthony replied hastily before dashing off towards the common room.

    A Weasley and a Malfoy? Oh dear gods, cupid’s been busy this year, he thought as he ran towards the common room. He had to tell Rick.

    “So? How’d it go?” Rick asked as soon he returned to his common room.

    “Malfoy…asked…Rose!” Anthony panted heavily.

    “And?” Rick asked impatiently, his blue eyes growing wide with expectation.

    “She said yes.”

    “Bloody hell,” murmured Rick.

    “I know. Should we tell James?”

    “No way, mate. He’d blow his socks off.”

    “Well, he’s going to know anyway.”

    “Better later than sooner.”

    Rick stared into the fireplace, lost in his thoughts as Anthony stared out of the window, wondering how he would face an angry James. He shuddered. Not good. Everyone knew how James hated Malfoy, and his reaction to his cousin going out with him wouldn’t be pretty.

    “So, you failed to ask her. I knew you could never do it,” Rick sneered at Anthony.

    Anthony scowled. “I was close wasn’t I?”

    “Well, if you didn’t stutter like an idiot, then you might’ve asked her before he did.”

    “How’d you know I stuttered?” Anthony asked, bewildered.

    Rick grinned wickedly. “I know lots, mate. I know lots.”

    Anthony rolled his eyes as he sat down on an armchair facing the fireplace.

    “So, be my date for Valentine’s day?” Rick said to Anthony.

    Anthony grimaced. “Ew…what am I, a -”

    “Just joking,” Rick laughed as he put his hands up in defense. “Thought you might need some company.”

    “But I thought you were going with Ally?”

    Rick shrugged. “I go out with her a lot anyways. You need me more than her now.”

    Anthony grinned. “I love you, Rick,” he said in a mock dreamy voice.

    Before Rick could react, a girl gasped and ran out of the common room.

    Rick burst out laughing as Anthony groaned.

    “I guess you’re my Valentine now, mate,” Rick said as he rolled with laughter.

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