POV: Peter Pettigrew
OC: Marcus Malfoy
House: Hufflepuff
From: Fools in Love
Words: 426

They kicked me. They’d done it before, but now, it was my fault. I wandered down to the dungeons looking for ways into their common room. I wanted to find ways into everything, and that’s when they found me.

They kicked me again. Why didn’t they use their wands? Maybe they thought I was below magic or duelling.

“Marcus! Come over and help us finish this runt!”

I wiped the spit from my lips. Who was this new attacker? I didn’t need another foe. When I saw the boy that came towards me, my stomach flipped. He was one of their beaters, and he was a good head taller than any of the other Slytherins. I remembered this kid was built like a rock.

But, more importantly, he was a Malfoy.

The lead boy gestured down to me as I struggled to stand. “We took his wand. Go at him, mate.”

Malfoy pushed his long, tangled blond hair out of his face. He tilted his head up to look at the other Slytherins before looking back down at me. I squirmed away from his gray eyes at first, but then, I realized he looked at me with indifference. I was nothing to him, but that could be very bad. I realized that might mean he would beat me senseless and think nothing of it.

Malfoy jerked his leg forward. I covered my head and shut my eyes.

The blow never came.

I squinted my eyes to look up at Malfoy. He had turned towards his housemate. “He’s not worth my time.”

His voice shocked me. It sounded like it belonged to some half his size who was five years younger.

“Really?” the other boy taunted. “You’re the great Marcus Malfoy! Come on, mate, give him one shot!”

Malfoy turned away from the crowd and ducked his head again. I wondered why that hulk of a kid didn’t just hit me, already. None of the other Slytherins had a problem with punching me. He was a Malfoy, though. Maybe he really thought I was worthless. Somehow, that thought didn’t comfort me.

“I guess you can’t take on one little, baby Gryffindor,” the leader jeered.

Malfoy spun around faster than I thought a guy his size could move. He swung his fist out and slammed the leader in the jaw. Blood spurted from his face, and the shock of the action rippled through the Slytherin crowd.

“You’re a slimy git, Malfoy,” one of the other kids shouted, and Malfoy shot him a scowl before he turned and lumbered away.

He didn’t even look at me. I wish he thought I was worth at least even one kick.