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Thread: The Potters' Wedding

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    The Potters' Wedding

    The Lexicon says that James and Lily married sometime between the summer of 1978 and the fall of 1979.

    It also says that Lily graduated in 1978.

    I'm also pretty sure that when I wrote a Marauders' seventh year story sometime last year, it said they graduated in 1977.

    Two questions:

    Do you know whether the dates have changed after DH? (Because I saw little notes next to the dates that say "based on James's death [DH]".)

    What do you think the assumed wedding date is based upon? I'm more inclined to think that they might have waited for at least a year after graduation. Does anyone have any canon evidence about the wedding year, and do you think it's safe to wed them in 1979 in my story?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, with DH, we were given the exact birth dates for the Potters. Since James and Lily were both born in early 1960 (Lily in January, James in March), then we can figure out the exact dates that they (and company) attended Hogwarts.

    Since you have to be at least 11 years old on the first of September of your first year, James, Lily, and company would have gone to school like this:


    They would have finished their seventh year in the summer of 1978, and judging by Harry's birth on 31 July 1980, Lily would have gotten pregnant around November, 1979.

    Before DH, we didn't know the YEAR that any of the Marauders and company attended school. The most we had to go on was that Snape and Remus had birthdays in the early part of the year (Snape in January, Remus in March), but as we didn't know the year, it could have been anywhere from really 1957-1960, though most leaned more towards it being 1959 or 1960.

    After DH, since the book gave us the YEAR dates of James's and Lily's births, we can get a more definitive date of school attendance years, graduation, etc.

    On another note, anyone who would have been in the same year as James and Lily, if we don't know their birthday (like with Sirius and Peter), you can say that they would have HAD to be born anywhere from September, 1959 to August, 1960.

    Hope that helps!


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