As I mentioned last time I started the What I'd Like to See thread, it's about time we organize the responses to each "what I'd like to see" post. In order to do so, the What I'd Like to See thread has been expanded into a sub-forum.

Please make one thread for each story line you've been looking for. Make the title of your thread something that stands out. "A Draco/Ginny Post-Hogwarts Story" is a better and more specific title than simply "A Draco/Ginny Story". You can go into further details in the body of your post.

You are allowed to recommend your own story if it is indeed along the lines of what someone is looking for.

Please note the difference between "What I'd Like to See" and "Lost and Found". Lost and Found is for stories which you KNOW you've read before and would like to read again but you lost it. What You'd Like To See is for story recommendations.

Please note that this isn't the place to challenge one another to write a fic. Though you may see a good plot bunny here, do NOT issue challenges. Also do NOT self-advertise unless your fic has been requested by another.

If you know of a story that fits what someone has requested but is not on MNFF databases, please post saying that the story exists and then PM the link to the story to the person who has requested it.

Original requesters are free to ask questions about a recommended story in their respective threads.

Threads with no posts after four weeks will be locked and deleted. Threads that do have posts four weeks or older will be locked but kept here in storage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. I have been absent for a long time, but I will try to be more active.