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Thread: Luna's Boggart

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    Luna's Boggart

    I've had this plotbunny floating around my head for ages, and I've only just decided to work on it. One important factor in my story is Luna's Boggart. What do you think it is? I don't want something like the Crumple-Horned Snorkack becoming extinct or Xeno dying, I've all ready thought of those .

    Throw me all of your suggestions, no matter how strange!


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    I think that it might recreate her mother's death. Although it could always be someone like Fudge who has helipaths, cooks goblins into pies and poisons people who disagree with him, or some other silly thing from the Quibbler.

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    Well we know how much Luna values her friends, as seen in her bedroom painting in DH, so anything having to do with losing them could be her boggart.

    I also think that Luna, being as unique as she is, values mystery and imagination. I think she might be afraid of losing her ability to believe in the unbelievable, or if suddenly all the mysteries in the world had been solved or proven. Life would hold no wonder or excitement.

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    I think it would be her father's dead body.

    After all, she is very close to him, and after loosing her mother, that would be the last thing she'd want.


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    Emmeline Riddle
    If your story's set after DH, do you think it might be something/someone to do with her stay at the Malfoy mansion?
    Now, Luna seemed quite well when the trio got to her, but who took her from Hogwarts? Who put her in the dungeon? Did she get to meet dear sweet Bella, or the oh so gentlemanly Fenrir?
    I think someone as naturally happy as Luna, and who looks for the same cheeriness and goodness in everyone else, could have been much more shaken by her stay there than she seemed.

    Emma. X.

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    Hard one, I've always thought that Luna seemed not to fear nothing. As Emma pointed out, the Malfoy manor didn't even seem to bother her.

    I'd say losing her friends and dad. (and when she's older her hubby and kids)

    MvH Johan

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Luna seems to value friendship more than anything else in the most probably her boggart could be the death of her friends.

    She also seemed to believe in weird things............what if she loses her power of imagination? (I don't know how you would be able to picturise that though!!).

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    I don't think Luna's boggart would be seeing anyone dead. She believes very strongly that there's life 'beyond the veil' and knows she'll see her mum and others again.
    I think her boggart would be to lose her belief in extraordinary things- or to be stuck with a boring life, in an office and not being able to dream.

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    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I wanted to avoid making her boggart death of loved ones, because as a few people pointed out, she believes in the 'next life'. I'm going to go with the idea of how all mysteries are solved and all questions answered. That sounds really interesting and I have the perfect way to portray that!


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