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Thread: Lily's Handwriting

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    Lily's Handwriting

    Are there any descriptions of Lily Evans Potter's handwriting in the books? I don't have my books with me, so I can't be sure...

    Can someone who has the books please tell me if there is any information about her handwriting?


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    Sure, love.

    Lily's handwriting is described slightly in DH, when they were at Grimmauld Place. She makes her G's like Harry. Unfortunately, that's the only clue we have.

    However, you can try to get creative and read a handwriting analysis book. Check out Lily's temperament and attitude, and then try to see what would match.


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    The only thing I know of was in DH, chapter 10, Kreacher's Tale. When Harry found the letter from Lily to Sirius. The only comment on her handwriting was she made her g's like he did.

    I don't remember her handwriting being mentioned anywhere else, but I could be wrong.
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    No, you're right. That's really as that was said of her writing. If I were you I would take Harry's writing (I think it was disclosed in the books somewhere) and make it neater and somewhat thinner.

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    I went to a couple of handwriting websites and apparently graphology, the science of determining one’s personality from handwriting can produce lots of information including all around personality, hidden talents, past (especially traumas), health and many others. Anyway, in coordination with the website and Lily’s character can suggest what Lily’s handwriting might look like, from a scientific perspective:

    • A right slant (///) to the words means the person is caring, warm and outgoing, which Lily's character is.
    • The darker, more pressure put into the handwriting, the more emotional, mental and physical energy one is likely have. Also, people with darker handwritings are more likely to be successful in life.
    • The smaller the words are, the better one is able to concentrate, and not be distracted in per se, studies.
    • As mentioned, the ‘g’ in Harry and Lily’s handwriting is the same, and in terms of graphology, the wider the loop at the end of the ‘g’ is, the more desire for physical, material and wealth in a person. Since Harry doesn’t have much material drive, we can assume the ‘g’ has a small loop.
    • Average spacing between letters shows confidence and ease with life.
    • The sharper the handwriting, the “smarter” (on average) the person.

    Of course, these are just generalizations from a scientific perspective and I’m probably going a bit too in-depth. Anyways, I hope that helps!

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