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Thread: The Limitations of the Imperious Curse

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    The Limitations of the Imperious Curse

    If I recall correctly when one is under the Imperious curse they go into a trance. So, I am curious if someone can still preform complicated or difficult tasks while under the Imperious curse. Can they still use their intuition? Can they do something that requires extensive knowledge and/or experience that they have?

    Also... How difficult is it to resist the Imperious curse? Does is wear off after a long period of time?

    I would appreciate your knowledge and opinions on the Imperious curse.

    (I have my own opinion's on the Imperious but I'd like to see what other people think to keep my fic believable and factually correct.)

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    Just off the top of my head, I recall that when Fake Moody performed the Imperious Curse on Harry, Harry didn't exactly go into a trance, but he didn't exactly have control of himself. Well not at first......Harry was compelled to do what Moody told him but he resisted it. The Imperious Curse is kind of the like the can have great influence on the weak minded but the strong minded can resist it.

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    Neville was able to do things that he would be too clumsy to do when he wasn't under it, so I still think that they could do complex tasks, but if you want to have someone under the curse to complete a task that only they can do I'm not so sure that it would work.

    It does seem to wear of. Crouch and Crouch Junior both began to be able to resist it after they had been under it for a long time.

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    Personally, I think that the person would be able to do anything that the spell caster commands them to do (it's limited by how much a human can physically do, of course). So if the spell caster wanted them to do something complicated, they would be able to do it.

    Also, it depends if the spell is wearing off (as others have said). The long the spell is working, the less effective it is.


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    The Imperius curse forces a person to do whatever the caster demands him to do. So, I guess he would be able to perform all the tasks asked by caster(depends on the physical capability as Azhure already mentioned). I think they would be able to do difficult tasks and also be able to follow their intuition.
    For example, Yaxley casts the Imperius curse on Pius Thicknesse in the DH. I do not think every trivial decision that was made by Thicknesse was influenced by Yaxley.I think that Daily and routine matters were left to his decision whereas only the important decisions were taken by Voldemort.

    I also agree with the fact that the curse wears away if the person is mentally strong enough to fight it.

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