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Thread: How do Parent's Know What House their Kids Are in?

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    How do Parent's Know What House their Kids Are in?

    I was just wondering, y'know the morning after first years are sorted, well how do the kids parent know what house they're in?
    Does McGonagall owl them, or what?
    Kudo's in advance to anyone who replies.

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    I would assume that it works just the same way the letter to Hogwarts does. Jo never tells us but I would think it would be that same automated type thing.

    The letters probably just say like "Congratulations! (insert name here) has been sorted into (insert house here)

    or something like that!

    Hope that helps!


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    Thanks, that's what I was thinking as well.
    That'll help with my fic.

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I do not think that there would be an automated system to tell the parents the house into which their child has been sorted. The sorting is kind of a milestone in a child's life, I guess the teachers would expect the child to inform his/her parents personally. It'd sound so detached if a parent receives a letter one fine morning saying tat _______has got sorted into ________house!!!

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    I think that the kids would actually write the letters to the parents themselves. It would be more personal that way.

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    It might be more personal yes, but I think that it is probable that the parents receive automated letters, seeing as very few first years, a) know their way around school, b) can get to the Owlery or c) even have the time to write a letter that night.

    This being said the first years have a lot of learning to do that first night back, they have to remember about the moving staircases and the resticted hallways and of course they have the feast to attend which takes up most of their time as they do not arrive at the castle until late the first day.


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    I, too, agree that the children would be expected/required to write to their parents themselves. Perhaps it would be part of their first period on the first day or something? These kids are only eleven, they may need a bit of push and some help with their wording/phrasing/spelling.

    Peace out.


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    Yes, I agree that the students would write to their parents themselves. They are eleven and quite capable of writing to their parents, which they will most likely do all year long. Some, like Harry, would have no-one they'd need to announce it to. Some, such as Sirius, might prefer not to write a letter announcing that they've been sorted into a house their parents can't stand, so would casually slip it in to a later or letter or just wait for them to hear it from someone else (possibly a meddling cousin or sibling). Others, like Ron, would be relieved and excited to tell their parents of their Sorting results as soon as possible (although Ron might have a hard time beating Percy to it - can't you see Percy writing a pompous letter announcing that young Ronald has upheld family tradition and blah blah blah... ). Anyway, that is my view: Hogwarts doesn't feel the need to nanny its students and presumes that they will all be corresponding with their parents soon enough. The teachers can direct students to the Owlery if necessary. Remember, the Houses would mean nothing at all to some parents (Muggles).

    But, I suppose you could use some sort of automated system in your fic if you want to - I'd just make sure that the letter isn't too impersonal. Perhaps it could be from the student's head of house? That way it has a purpose - to establish contact between the parents and the head of house.

    -- Chelsea

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    I do NOT think the students write the letter themselves.

    Let's all look at a few crucial points here:

    1.) We've all read PS/SS. (Well, most of us, anyway). Where does it say that they wrote letters on the first day? No where. On the first day they got lectured. Just trying to stick with the canon........

    2.) I'm pretty sure that spelling isn't the most important subject at Hogwarts. As long as you can correctly pronounce a spell, there's no need to spell it. (sorry for the bad pun, it was unintentional).

    3.) We've all read the fic where one kid's parents wanted them in whatever House, and the kid gets sorted into a different one. Do you really think the student can't lie???? They wouldn't be compelled to tell the truth (well, not all of them anyway) if they knew they'd have heck to pay.

    4.) Also, we've all read somewhere about the first year that gets a Howler on the first day because they didn't get into an 'acceptable' House. So, my question is.....

    HOW DID DEAR MUMMY AND DADDY KNOW THEIR CHILD GOT _________ HOUSE IF THEIR CHILD WROTE TO THEM THE NEXT DAY? While I'll agree that that could just be a problem in fanfiction, I beg to differ.

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    Can you imagine the glee at the Dursley household if some random owl showed up congratulating them on Harry's selection into Gryffindor? Could be fun!

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