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Thread: Galleons; jobs

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    Galleons; jobs

    How else can a wizard earn his living apart from my list of the 'usual' down below?
    Continue the list, please, I'm trying to find out something for my new story.

    - Auror
    - Ministry Official
    - Curse Breaker
    - Healer

    And I'm also wondering- Are there like, 'business' in the wizarding world? Like technically 'business', like companies, stock markets, investments, press conferences and those marketing... things.

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    Shop owner

    broom maker (QA)

    conductor of the Knight Bus

    Curse-Breaker for Gringotts (GF5)

    dishwasher at the Leaky Cauldron (GF9)

    dragon feeder at Gringotts (DP)

    dragon keeper

    driver of the Knight Bus

    food service, Hogwarts Express tea trolley


    mediwizard (GF8)

    metal-charmer (QA4)

    Muggle relations

    training security trolls (OP29)



    Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes (OP29)

    executioner of dangerous animals

    Hit Wizard, Magical Law Enforcement Squad

    Unspeakable (Dept. of Mysteries)

    Magical Maintenance, whose workers wear navy blue robes (DH12)


    Reporter/ Photographer

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    Butterbeerdrinker's list seems to cover everything I can think of, so I'll talk briefly about your second question.

    And I'm also wondering- Are there like, 'business' in the wizarding world? Like technically 'business', like companies, stock markets, investments, press conferences and those marketing... things.
    I would suggest not as such, at least not within British borders.

    There are, of course, businesses in the wizarding world - in the sense that Weasley's Wizard Wheezes is a business, or that the Nimbus company is a business - but we are talking small scale operations.

    The only large scale operations within the wizarding world seem to revolve around the ministry. I think this owes more to the small population of the wizarding world, rather than to any sort of wizarding politics and/or customs. With an extremely limited number of shops outside of two streets in London, and Hogsmeade, there is no indication that there is any need for more than two premises. A company might have two shops, but it's extremely unlikely to need more. As much as anything, the demand for goods cannot be that high.

    Stock Markets are almost certainly not the case, at least in the British wizarding world. With the main businesses being either ministry related or small, it is far more likely that said businesses are kept in the family, or else sold on when the proprietor wishes to quit/retire. Large scale investments and markets are unlikely to occur in this environment. That said, I think it is still possible to have currency exchange rates between countries fluctuating.

    Small scale investments might be a little more plausible. I can imagine that Lucius Malfoy might arrange to give Honeydukes (or whatever) a 500 galleon start up loan, in return for 12% of all future monthly profits, or 30 galleons a month, or whatever. I think there is a certain amount of contractual loan sharking going on in the wizarding world, but that's about it for investments.

    Press Conferences? Perhaps if the owner of Honeydukes accidently puts wolfsbane in all his chocolate, and the Daily Prophet begin banging on his door, he might come out and make a statement. Generally speaking, the Daily Prophet seems to take informal statements all the time - think Arthur Weasley at the World Cup. A pre-arranged one might happen now and then, but we're probably talking not more than three people speaking and not more than two or three reporters, unless it's something massive with international ramifications.

    Marketing? (*spits*) I don't honestly see this going beyond the Daily Prophet, or banners up in the window of shops. Again, the wizarding world is small enough for word of mouth to do most of the marketing for it. Some magazines might have some in (Xenophilius Lovegood has to make a living somehow), but that's it. Personally, I'd advise staying away from adverts on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Typically, British radio and tv have been dominated by the BBC, which doesn't use advertising (apart from for its own programs). Advertising and, indeed, private stations were not really commonplace until relatively recently. There wasn't much in Harry's time, and their certainly wasn't much in James'. A radio clogged full of adverts would, to my mind, be something of an Americanism. That said, I despise adverts like nothing else, and would gladly chew through my own wrists to get away from them. That might count as a bias.

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    Desk job at Gringotts
    Hit Wizard (arrests highly dangerous crimminals)
    Magizoologist (Wizarding naturalist)
    Quidditch Player
    Quidditch Referee

    Hmmm...I hope I didn't repeat too many from Butter_beer_drinker's list....

    As for business jobs, AurorKeefy raises some good points. Like they said, I don't believe the magical world has a very big population so it might be diffcult to have large businesses. However, I guess I could see a couple international corporations such as say the Nimbus Racing Broom Company (Nimbus Brooms seem to be international commodities since they were the choice broom for the World Cup before the Firebolt.) But even that could be a small, but sought after fmaily broom company.

    Basic point: There could be a few, but I just really don't see too many of these large coporations since it just wouldn't fit the popluation size.

    Hope that helped!

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    While I agree with AurorKeefey on many points, I'm forced to state that there is room for adverts in the wizarding world...

    In the Quidditch World Cup, we can see the 'blackboard' screen that shows the score during the match - yet before the match is covered with flashing adverts.

    Such as the Bluebottle broom, Mrs. Skower's All-Purpose Magical Mess-Remover, Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans, and Gladrags Wizardwear (which, incidentally, has stores in London, Paris and Hogsmeade!). Based on that, we could assume that there are adverts and possibly sponsors for big sporting events - because that's how advertisements usually get to events in question...


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    I could definitely see there being big businesses in the Wizarding World. Imagine the Nimbus company or one of the products that we hear a lot of in the series--like Mrs. Scower's Magical Mess Remover. They're used by nearly everybody, so it must have grown into a big business.

    Also--I suggest taking a look over this reference essay. It's very helpful and has a long list of jobs.

    Thanks to opaleye for the lovely banner!

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