I second that sneakers are called trainers. In HP they're referred to as trainers so i think that'd be the safest option...

And i agree with everyone about the shades being called blinds or curtains. And here's a little extra info lol - shades can mean sunglasses, although that's probably "sunnies" lol. Just thought i'd throw that in there because when you first said "shades" i thought you meant sunglasses.

Let's see, popular TV shows...for children's TV shows, i remember everyone used to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Rugrats, Scooby Doo...stuff like that If that's what you meant? And a sort of, grown up show, well, i was a kid in the 90s lol, but i agree that Buffy and Dr Who in particular were big And Star Trek...yeah, that was around the 90s. Star Trek:Voyager started in 1995, so if you're going to have your characters watching a Star Trek it'd be Voyager *stops being a geeky Star Trek fan*

~Heather <3