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Thread: Spells for the Marauders to use on Snape

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    Spells for the Marauders to use on Snape

    What would be some spells for the Marauders to use on Snape? Would they know Sectumsemprea, and would they try to use it? Thanks!

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    I don't think they'd use Sectumpsempra... it's too dark.

    They used that levitating spell Snape made up. Maybe they'd use the one where the toenails grow really fast or the tongue gets stuck to the roof of the mouth.

    Hope I helped!

    Lola x

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    I agree with Lola. Sectumpsempra is just too nasty for the Marauders.

    I think he'd be more likely to do humiliating things- after all, he made soap bubbles come out of Snape's mouth and dangled him upside down. Not particularly nasty, but enough to make the person embarrassed.

    Maybe something to change his hair color? Or permanently sticking something to his robes, like a badge saying "greasy git" or something? Maybe ruining his classwork?

    I'll edit if I get any better ideas.


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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Sectumsempra is just too dark for the Marauders, Though they were pranksters, I can't believe that they would use dark magic on anyone..... come on! they had a heart!!!

    Some other pranks that they may have used: Attacking Snape with shampoo(since he was greasy-haired), causing him to vomit on his pudding, jinxing him with spells such as levicorpus and stupefy everytime they saw him, verbally assaulting him, making him rinse his mouth with soap and water every time he uttered a word like mudblood, transfiguring him into an animal like the way Moody did to Draco(James was exceptionally skilled at transfiguration..........Ollivander says in PS/SS that his wand was suitable for that)and giving him a babbling beverage .

    Hope that helped!!

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    What about something along the lines of Ginny's Bat-Bogey hex? It's relatively harmless but still terribly embarrassing to the the one on the receiving end. The suggestions noted above are also very good!

    Good luck with your story!

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    They would NEVER use Sectumsempra. Never. While James and Sirius loathed Snape, they would not have resorted to dark magic. They are (were) way too proud and sure of themselves to do anything of the sort. They would see that as one of the worst sorts of betrayal. They (the Maurauders) gave most of their lives fighting against the Dark Arts, and they would never give up on that, even if they got to see Snivelly possibly cry.


    I wouldn't put it past them to send Snape shampoo for Christmas. Not a spell, but otherwise effective. Maybe they would sabatage his stuff; make him look like an idiot in front of his friends, his teachers, and Lily; use his own spells against him; make him feel like a complete loser, ecetera, ecetera. Maybe even practice up on their jinxes and hexes, but they would DEFINITELY never stoop as low as to use the Dark Arts.

    Maybe in your story they made up some new spells and need to test them out? I think they'd know the perfect candidate.

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    Thanks for all the info guys. Do you think that they would even know about Sectumsemprea though?

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    MC Kair
    I think that they might have heard of it especially if Snape shared it with his group of Slytherins (which I think is very likely). Also, it depends how James and the others found out about Levicorpus. Maybe James saw Snape writing in his potions book and stole it, in that case he would know it but maybe not what it does.

    If Snape had shared the spell with his group, then there is a chance they used it on somebody in which case once again The Marauders would know about it.

    hope this helped


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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I think that the marauders didn't know the sectumsempra spell. I think that Snape himself did not want others to know of the spell which could cause so much harm. I might be wrong on this, but I think that Snape created these spells at first in order to make himself popular with the death eaters and in turn make a name for himself by gaining popularity. He strikes me as a power hungry person and that might have been the only reason for his dabbling with the dark-arts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MC Kair
    ...If Snape had shared the spell with his group, then there is a chance they used it on somebody in which case once again The Marauders would know about it.
    I'm not sure if I think Snape would have voluntarily shared this spell or not; I'd have to give that more thought. I'm leaning toward not. However, I do think the Marauders knew about the spell, if not the incantation for it. I think Snape actually used it on James during Snape's Worst Memory. Remember when the cut appears on James' cheek? I think that must have been Sectumsempra, but it might have been non-verbal, as Harry doesn't hear Snape. Snape was clearly gifted and could have mastered some spells, particularly his own, non-verbally. Of course it could just be that Harry was otherwise distracted. Regardless, I think the Marauders were aware of the spell, at least from that point on.

    Again, they might not know how it was performed and I don't think they would have bothered to find out as I agree that they would not use such a spell, especially when only "pranking" Snape. They would use spells to humiliate, maybe even cause physical discomfort like a shocking spell, to make him squeal or jump (which would be embarrassing) but never one that would cause real physical harm. They were jerks and could even be cruel (where Snape was concerned at least), but as Lily points out, they weren't evil. depends how James and the others found out about Levicorpus.
    I think this is a spell that Snape created far earlier than Sectumsempra and he would not have mastered non-verbal spells. Therefore anyone who witnessed its use would know the incantation. Remus tells Harry that there was a time when you couldn't turn around without someone being dangled upside down. That would not be the case with Sectumsempra. Thank goodness.

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