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Thread: Gilderoy Lockhart

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    He said he was asked to try out for the National Squad (as a Seeker, I think), but instead preferred to "dedicate his life to the eradication of dark forces" or something like that... I assumed it was probably fictitious - maybe he played on a House team, perhaps was a reserve for some low-league team, but I can't imagine him being exceptional... Although perhaps someone made a "you should so go pro" remark as a joke and he just took it seriously? (Hmm, plot bunny...?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AidaLuthien View Post
    I don't have my copy of CoS handy, unfortunately. I rather doubt that he was - he doesn't seem like the athletic type. He also doesn't seem like he would be good at teamwork. He likes the limelight too much. Maybe he played Seeker, if he played at all.
    I think I read somewhere that he was on the Quidditch team because they needed a replacement for a couple of games or something, and they kicked him out pretty fast. I'm pretty sure it isn't entirely accurate, though.

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