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Thread: When does Snape accept the teaching post at Hogwarts?

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    When does Snape accept the teaching post at Hogwarts?

    Does anyone know exactly when Snape accepted the teaching post? In the DH, it is not mentioned clearly whether it is at the hilltop when he meets Dumbledore or after Lily's death when he is in Dumbledore's office.
    Can anyone give some conclusive proof?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Well in OotP, Snape tells Umbridge he's been teaching for fourteen years. That was in 1995, so I guess he started teaching in 1981.

    Thanks to the lexicon for the tip!

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read your question thoroughly. As to the month, I don't think we have any conclusive evidence. It would make sense if he started at the beginning of the school year, but it could also work if Dumbledore gave him shelter as a part of their agreement.

    I would probably guess it was either in September when the school year started or in November after Lily's death.

    EDIT AGAIN: You know I'm really having trouble with my brain these days. Okay. I just reread the scenes and I think you can make up your mind. When Snape says, "Anything," it's very possible that he was taken on board then. Then again, he could have gone on board after. I still would probably say it was in September, since that would make sense, but yes. The choice is up to you eventually.

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