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Thread: Romilda Vane

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    You know what? I think she should have married Draco.

    (I have no idea where that came from. I don't usually do "ships." But somehow, Romilda Vane and Draco just feels so right -- the ruthless, ambitious, sneaky, social-climbing Gryffindor, and the Slytherin looking for redemption in a post-Voldemort world...)

    Okay, so, canonically, not possible. But I could totally see her marrying some other wealthy Slytherin for similar reasons. (She gets a rich, high-status husband, he gets a wife who boosts his "I am not a former Death Eater! Really! Look, I married a Gryffindor!" cred.)

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    WOW! I like this idea! I know that Romilda couldn't marry Draco and have the story be canon, but still, there are plenty of other wealthy pureblood Slytherins to choose from.

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    Mm, yes, I definitely think a Slytherin would suit her. You could even go for someone like Blaise Zabini, or maybe Theodore Nott, if you wanted a canon character. It would be really interesting to explore how their personalities work together.

    As for a job, I think she would have the determination to succeed in a Ministry job such as Unspeakable if she put her mind to it. But my feeling is she'd go for something like... a 'journalist' for Witch Weekly. Gossip column, maybe

    I can easily picture her married to a handsome, wealthy Slytherin and moving in social circles which value extravagance and reputation. She certainly only seemed to be interested in Harry because of his fame - yes, her girly crush might have produced dreams of true love, but she didn't really seem to care about his personality, and was willing to resort to tricks to get him.

    -- Chelsea

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    Well, we know that Zabini is rich, all that black widow money (seriously, no pun intended! I mean it!) But I can't recall if Nott was from a wealthy family or no. Does anyone know?

    Of course, Romilda was a few years younger than Harry. She could have married someone in her own year.

    Though I wonder what her reaction would be when she saw Harry again? My guess she would just seem like the type to show off how well she married. I also don't think she would be the type to have a lot of children. My guess, she would have one. The whole 'perserving her figure' thing

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    Hmm, I think Nott is from quite an old pureblood family, so I'd say they're fairly wealthy. I'm not sure if it's been specifically mentioned...

    Of course there are lots of possibilities - she could marry a wizard older or younger, or from a different country, or she might surprise us all and marry a Muggle. *plotbunniesattack...*

    I agree with your ideas about her showing off how well she married, and not wanting many kids. Sounds just like her.

    -- Chels

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    Romilda Vane!

    I say she'd be from a pureblood family,but her mum was a squib.
    I think she would have one or two older sisters and I mean WAY older,like,they would be 20 or so when she was born!
    I say she would marry a foreign Quidditch Viktor!


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    How old do you think Romilda would have been when she got married? Does she seem like the type to make marrying well her complete goal, or do you believe she would at least try to make a career for herself?

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    I think she'd get married not too soon after she left school. I believe she's the sort who wants a sturdy career forged for herself, but I don't think she'd go without a man's support by her side for long. So maybe, late teens/early twenties. I image she'd be married before she was 23, and for some reason I'm thinking the age 20. I mean, James and Lily were married at around that age, and somehow Romilda seems a little less sensible than them, to me at least.

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    I think she's the type who would want to get married young. Marrying well would be important to her, but I'm sure she would get a job she's interested in first. Actually, I can see her going either way - she could be a very determined career woman, or just want to get married and live off a wealthy husband

    Or, going off inspirations' idea about her marrying young... I can also imagine her getting pregnant and insisting on getting married to preserve her reputation. Knowing her sly side, it could even be a way to make someone marry her.

    Wow. I can't believe I'm only just realising how much potential she has for interesting stories... there are lots of different ways we can take the little we know of her and create a future for her.

    -- Chelsea

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    I definitely think a Slytherin would suit her. Someone like Blaise Zabini, or maybe Theodore Nott

    I think Romilda Vane is the type of girl who would want to get married young and getting pregnant.

    As for looks: I see her with black hair that is always up in a high ponytail and hoop earings.

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