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Thread: How would you describe a Hufflepuff?

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    How would you describe a Hufflepuff?

    If "being nice" is not a criteria for being sorted into Hufflepuff, what are the criteria? We know from the Sorting Hat's songs that Hufflepuffs are loyal and true, but beyond that we don't really get to know many canon Hufflepuffs very well. Therefore we don't get to see these characteristics in action.

    My question is, how would you describe a Hufflepuff in your own words? I'm working on the Extra Credit Sorting Had prompt for the summer challenges so I really don't want to re-read every book's canon song and get so tied up in Jo's words that I can't think of my own.

    I appreciate your help!

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    Hufflepuff I've always thought of as the catch all house. Those who aren't purebloods with ambition, brave or overly clever (not to say that they aren't smart, just not clever) go there. If they aren't epitomized by the traits of the other houses, the hat send tham to Hufflepuff. Wasn't there a sorting song that even said that Hufflepuff wanted to teach everyone?
    I think that Hufflepuff is a place for the wizards and witches who want to go to Hogwarts and learn, and are willing to put all their effort into staying. They are capable of bravery, ambition, and smarts (I think that there are Hufflepuffs likes Tonks and Cedric that prove that), but that isn't the summation of their personality. They will go the distance for the things and people that they believe in and encourage each other along the way.
    That's the best that I can do with this. I'm not sur ehow much this helps you with the song. You're braver than I am for trying to do a 1500 word sorting song.

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    I think that Hufflepuffs show their own kind of bravery through their loyalty to their friends. They'd be the kind of people who'd stand up for their friends, no matter the cost. I also think that Hufflepuffs are very accepting of other's differences and don't single people out. They are kind as well. I think they are kind of a good balance of every house. They are also very reliable and honest people, I would think.

    So to sum it up, 'Puffs are:
    Brave (in their own loyal sort of way, but that's a Gryffindor quality so you may not want to use it)

    Hope that helped!!

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I think Hufflepuffs are loyal, hard working, kind, dedicated, honest, just and impartial. They are also faithful to their friends and very trustworthy too.

    Hope that helped!!

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    Thank you so much everyone! That really helps a lot.


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    I agree with them kind of being characterized as being a little bit of everything. IT's kind of like Hermione; some people wonder why she wasn't put into Ravenclaw; I think which house you are in depends upon which characteristic is more present, like the strongest one. I think that the hufflepuff's are known for being loyal and kind and friendly and whatnot.

    Nothing to do with Harry Potter here but in the hufflepuff house on here, I've noticed that we're all really kind, we're REALLY friendly; like someone could join our house and post hi I'm new and in like two days we'd all be best We're a little eccentric at times and we LOVE helping people. I would think that at least some of those qualities would transend to the Harry Potter Puffs.

    Hope this helps!


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    I would describe a Hufflepuffs as loyal, hard-working, honest, kind, and fair. I always considered the 'catch-all' thing to be what Helga Hufflepuff sort of intended, but she still favored students with these qualities, so her house has identifying qualities just like the others.

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    I think a couple of other Hufflepuff traits to add to what's already been said would be patience and compassion.

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    I also think you should add "impartial".

    They wouldn't be the type to judge people quickly.

    Lola x

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    In addition to everything else, which I am not necessarily disagreeing with, Hufflepuff generally houses the "duffers". As long, presumeably, as they are pure of heart and intentions, then Hufflepuff tends to take those who are closest to squibs. Yes, there are a few in Gryffindor and Slytherin, but generally speaking, they end up in Hufflepuff.

    Brilliant students usually don't end up in Hufflepuff. The few exceptions, and even then we can discuss whether or not they are "brilliant", are Professor Sprout (presumably), Tonks and Cedric. Personally, I have raised severe doubts as to whether or not Tonks belongs in Hufflepuff. The same applies to Cedric, whose Hufflepuff status was basically a plot device for GoF.

    Frankly, as far as I am concerned, Hufflepuff represents those with below-par magical skills/intellects.

    Guess who is in house denial?

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