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Thread: Who Would Be In The Room At Birthing?

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    Wow. Thats an interesting plot!

    Well definitely her mother and her sister if their close. The best friend might be but only if they are super close, sorta like sisters.

    Don't have her father in the room though. I know that a girl would definitely NOT want her father in the room when she is giving birth, they normally stay outside anyway because they don't like the sight.

    I hope that I was of some help!

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    Hi there

    Speaking as someone who's had experience of birth the person you would want in the birthing room is the person who will be the most supportive- that might not be the husband although it usually would be. Personally I would rather have had a best friend in than my mother. The trouble with mothers (ha ha) is that they don't like seeing their children in pain so may end up getting more hysterical.
    Definately don't have one of the other men in there.

    There would be a room they could wait in or a corridor to pace up and down.

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