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Thread: Who Would Be In The Room At Birthing?

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    Who Would Be In The Room At Birthing?

    Okay, a character in one of my stories is giving birth at St. Mungo's. Her water broke when she was out in a public place with a bunch of her family and friends, and a friend rushed her to the hospital. Her husband is on his way there, but he's worried he won't be able to make it in time. The question is, which of the friends/family that were there with her are going to be there?

    Here are the people who went to the hospital with her. There are some on the list that I know are obviously NOT going to be in the room, but I'm not sure of the others.

    *Her mother
    *Her father
    *Her sister
    *Her sister's husband (I already know he's not going to be in the room!)
    *Her best friend/cousin (female)
    *Her best friend/cousin's close friend, who drove the bunch to the hospital (I already know he's not going to be in the room, either!)

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    I would say definitely her mother, and likely her sister. Unless her best friend is really REEEEALLY close, I'm not sure if she would want to be in a room where her bff is squeezing out a baby from her nether regions. I could see her waiting right outside the door and imploring nurses at every chance how she's doing, but not right beside her as she gives birth.

    And even if she and her father are really super close, I'm not sure if a dad would want to be in that situation either. Of course I don't know your characters, but I would be surprised in any "normal" circumstance if anyone other than mother and close close sister were in the birthing room.

    Maybe not the answer you wanted to hear, but....hope it helped just a little bit.


    PS - I'm reading your Long-Distance Extendable Ears and I must say it's brilliant. Haven't had a chance to properly review yet, but it's on the way. /spam

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    It depends on your character I think, and the relationship that you have given her with the other characters. From the information you have given us I think that it would be her mother.

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    If you are in labour you don't want to many people in the room aside from doctors/nurses. Probably two at most. And (as others have said) it would depend on who she got on with and who would be helpfull in that situation.

    Hope I helped even a little bit.

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    I would say her mother and maybe her sister but if only one was allowed her mother then when her husband arrived her mother could leave and he could take over type of thing!

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    The husband and the doctors, definantly, but definantly no more than that. Giving birth is a very personal thing. In some Native American tribes, women would go off to the woods to give birth along, and they wouldn't make a sound while they did, as not to draw attention from wanders.

    I don't think she'd want her parents in there (would you?). Maybe her best friend, if she was their when her friend went into labor and they were very close, but I can't imagine watching my own best friend give birth. She'd probably throw things at me until I left, and pregnant woman cannot be trusted to keep their emotions in check.

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    Hahaha, thanks, guys!

    Yeah, I will have her mum in there, but none of the others. Though her sister will want to come in and pester the doctors a lot.

    So, here's the thing-- her husband has to make a late, dramatic arrival. Is there some kind of little waiting room or foyer or something outside the room where the other characters can be sitting? Like:

    [Door]{Dad Cousin Sister Sister's husband Cousin's friend} [Door] {Ivy + mum}

    Because the narrator and protagonist of the story is Ivy's cousin, and so she has to somehow see Ivy's husband making a late, dramatic entrance. Yepppp. If not, does anyone have a suggestion for how I can pull this off?

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    I'm sure all hospitals have waiting rooms in the maternity ward, even wizarding hospitals. You could make the building's layout so that Ivy's husband would have to pass through the waiting room to get to your main character, and that is how Ivy's cousin would see her.

    Or, if you're in a very posh type hospital, no one would balk at you for creating your own private waiting room just outside the door.

    Either way I think it will be fine. Good luck on your story!

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    Sounds like a very interesting little plot line you've got going there, Schmergo!

    As for the waiting room thing, it depends on how you've got your St Mungo's mapped out. It's possible that Ivy's birthing party could be:

    a) In the main foyer of St Mungo's, i.e. the one we see in OotP.

    b) An actual Maternity Ward waiting room, like Ashley mentioned, that is very close to where Ivy is giving birth, or finally --

    c) The Tearoom (on top floor, as said in OotP), where Ivy's entourage are waiting, sipping their tea. Ivy's husband might pass through here to see all the gang and get news from them directly first.

    These are just a few possibilites, though personally I think that the tearoom one would be pretty funny. All of these would allow Ivy's husband to pass by everyone on his way to the birthing room.

    Hope that helped!

    ~Caitlin of hermione4lif!

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    using rare and complicated words

    Birthing partners


    Speaking as someone with birthing experience; I would say it very much depends on who the person is most comfortable with. It may be that her best friend is the most supportive person she knows. If her husband can't be there then it has to be someone she's happy with- that might not be her mother. Some mothers would be awful in that situation because they can't bear to see their daughter in pain (Does that make sense)- the same goes for the dad. I'd go for her friend,cousin or sister.

    Hope that helps

    Equinox Chick

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