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Thread: Kreacher and Winky

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    Kreacher and Winky

    We know Kreacher spent time in the Hogwarts kitchen. We know he was instramental in rallying the house-elves to fight.

    My question is, do you think Kreacher would have befriended Winky? Possibly after Dobby's death? We know Dobby looked after Winky. Would Kreacher have continued doing this?
    Another question, would Kreacher suggest bringing Winky to Grimmauld Place to live once he was back there living with Harry? The situation is Harry is back at Grimmauld Place which looks like it did before they cleaned it in OotP. One of the trio (not sure which one, yet, any suggestions?) makes a comment about bringing in someone to help clean it up as there is a lot to clean for Kreacher. Kreacher insists he can do it, of course, but then suggests if they are serious, then perhaps Winky could come and help. Would he do that?

    Hope that wasn't too confusing. LOL
    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    I'm not sure if he would. Kreacher alligns himself with those who either show him kindness or his mistress would approve of. Winky is not high up and she was too depressed to care much for others after Crouch dismissed her. So I don't think that Kreacher would care much for her. I can see Harry or Hermione trying to take her in, but I can't see Kreacher suggesting it.

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    I agree with la_vie_boheme that Kreacher would not be particuarly eager to take care of Winky. Firstly, he didn't even like Dobby. They fought all the time in HBP, so I don't think he would feel burdened to carry on Dobby's rituals.

    And while you could argue that Winky and Kreacher were similar in their obsession with serving their masters (former masters, that is), I don't really think they would become friends on their own. Kreacher might even look down on her because she was dismissed by Crouch earlier.

    Just some thoughts. Good luck with your fic!

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    As we know, Kreacher isn't a friendly elf by nature. While he did befriend Harry eventually, it was because of a gift and a show of affection. Winky has nothing to offer Kreacher, and isn't exactly a pleasant elf to be around. Also, when Dobby died, Winky had been out of the picture for quite some time. Why would Kreacher suddenly decide that he needed to care for her. Also, if you want to follow the books, we don't know what happened to Kreacher, and as far as we know, he doesn't even know that Dobby died.

    Now, if Harry were to ask Kreacher to look after Winky, it's possible that he would. But you have to stop and consider; why would Harry ask Kreacher to do that? What would make Harry think about Winky? And why is Kreacher doing Harry's bidding anyway? How did he come to be Harry's house elf again?


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    I'm not sure if kreacher would look after Winky voluntarily but I agree he might if Harry asked him too. Then again I don't think Harry would care much about Winky- Hermione might though.

    One thing not mentioned in the books but I think JK has confirmed this but Winky does fight in the Battle of Hogwarts so maybe that could be a reason why Kreacher would start to care for her.
    Just an idea

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