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Thread: Errol the owl

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    Rita Skeeter

    Errol the owl

    Does anyone know how long he stays alive during the series? Does he even die? I don't remember him in any of the recent books.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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    Errol is not mentioned after The Goblet of Fire.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    Mrs. Weasley, however, had sent the family owl, Errol, with an enormous fruitcake and assorted meat pies. Poor Errol, who was elderly and feeble, had needed a full five days to recover from the journey.
    We see here that Errol is old, so he may or may not be alive at the time your story is set. It's really up to you, just as long as Errol isn't flying around easily on very long trips or anything.

    Good luck!

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    Rita Skeeter
    Awesome, that's what I thought -- I guess I'll still have him alive in my fic. I love that little guy.

    Thank you!

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