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Thread: Blaise Zabini

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    Blaise Zabini

    Blaise Zabini.

    I think he is the type to know to position himself with the most popular, or the most powerful to gain favor, or power. I think he molds himself to be whoever he's friends with that day.

    He's not dumb by any means, I don't think. He's a Slytherin, which shows that he's cunning and sharp.

    I also think that he learned his manipulative-ness from his mother, who had seven husbands that mysteriously died, leaving her wealth. She learned to use her beauty to her benefit.

    What other effects do you think his mother has had on him?

    Well, what do you think? What's his story?


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    I definitely agree with you that he's a cunning, smart sort of Slytherin. And very very manipulative, just like his mother, from whom he also inherited good looks.

    His relationship with his mother would be very interesting, I think.

    Either he got very little attention through his childhood because she was always preoccupied with finding a new rich husband. Or Blaise and his mother are very close because it's really always been just the two of them, with her husbands coming and going.

    I'd say he's more of the neglected type, just being dragged along while his mother does what she does, or maybe even dumped with other relatives a lot. From that, he would have developed resilience and adaptability, becoming his cunning and manipulative self.

    ~ Chelsea

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    Blaise is a very interesting character indeed. It's a bit unfortunate that he's not talked about much -- he could have a lot of depth as a character!

    Whether he was neglected or very close with his mother, she most definitely had a big influence on him. You can see that from what small tidbit we get in HBP. He is very proud and snobby, and definitely places himself above others like Harry, Neville and the Weasleys.

    I think Blaise's mother has influenced him into becoming a true Slytherin. I mean, you don't go around murdering innocent, wealthy men just because, do you? I'm pretty sure that his mother would have been a Slytherin in the first place, and brought Blaise up to be one too.

    I think his story is that he lives for himself, just like his mother seems to. Well, for her and her son anyway. He is a very good example of a Slytherin.

    I think that's all I can think of for now.

    ~Caitlin of hermione4lif!

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    how I live now
    I always imagined Blaise as quite quiet, and as easily embarassed. I don't know why, but I thinkhe would've resented his mother for either leaving or killing his father. He strikes me as less of a 'Mummy's Boy'.

    Blaise would probably have been on speaking terms with his mother (i.e. not hating his mother, but not particularly 'loving' her either) and he would be civil towards his mother's partners, but not really connecting with any of them.

    Blaise is a very interesting character, and I guess you could probably make who you want him to be, but I think he sees himself as an outsider in his group of friends as well as, and because of, his family. Possibly having been slighty neglected as a child, he might see himself as 'second best' to everyone else, and he most likely is a very quiet boy. But not so quiet that he is ignored; more like a fly on the wall.

    As a young child, I imagine that Blaise was often paraded around and showed-off to his mother's friends at parties; a kind of pet for her to use at her pleasure then give to someone else to look after when she wasn't using it. Blaise probably helped get the seven men to marry Ms. Zabini: she could use him as a kind of sympathy vote, so they would for sorry for the poor widowing single mother.

    This was really interesting to write about, thanks for bringing it up!


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    My thoughts on Blaise Zabini...

    I think that he was a bit of a loner, part of the Slytherin group, but kind of on the fringe by his own choice. I agree that he is a survivor, adjusting his behavior to fit the company he keeps, but not really needing friends.

    As for his mother, I can see her attempting to thrust him into the spotlight at some social event and him just wanting to go hide.

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    I always felt that Mrs. Zabini truly loved Mr. Zabini, who died tragically young. I think, since we know she is one of the greatest beauties of the wizarding world, that she used it to her advantage and married older, wealthy wizards, without heirs, inheriting their wealth and showering her beloved son. My only reason for this is that he is "Blaise Zabini" and she is "Mrs. Zabini." I feel she always reverts to her first husband's name after the demises of the others. The shadiness of the perception of this string of husbands works to both her and Blaise's advantage, but I don't think she actually hastens their deaths, just uses good planning! I think Blaise Zabini is the perfect Slytherin, so I am completely biased!

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    I think Blaise's relationship with his mother is integral in understanding who Blaise is. You have to take into consideration that while we know Madame Zabini has had multiple husbands, she has only ever had (as far as we know) one child. To her, Blaise must be something precious that goes beyond the wealth given to her by her husbands. I see them as being very important people to one another. Everything she has gone through, she has carried her baby boy through. No matter how many step-fathers Blaise has had (though that brings up the question, did she do most of her marrying and re-marrying before Blaise was born, during his childhood?) Blaise had only ever had one permanent parent.

    I see them being on very good terms with one another--partners in crime. Perhaps he is a bit of a mother's boy, but I do not see him as being weak or at all controlled by her. She would be his greatest mentor, his safety. I do not doubt that Blaise was socially competent--he seemed more than at ease with the other Slytherins in the few scenes we've seen him in canon, but it is hard for me to imagine him being extremely close with anyone other than his mother. Don't know why, he just seems like he would be very grateful for the way his mother raised him, but also fiercely independent. Perhaps he might have indeed resented his mother for killing or leaving his father, but I think he must indeed respect his mother, and that may even extend to women in general. Growing up close to a very strong, independent woman (albeit a bit predatory), he has got to have some respect for her ability to survive--and well--on her own means and charms.

    I notice a lot of you mention that you think Blaise would be somewhat easily embarrassed. Personally, I can't see it. I always picture him as being very independent, but also somewhat closed, distant, and cold. Perhaps a bit of an egoist, but nonetheless very introverted with thick skin and biting remarks for anyone who dare mock him or stand in his way. I don't see him as being one to ENJOY the spotlight, but I daresay he would be able to handle it for as long as necessary. he would know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it so that people would think exactly what he wanted them to think about him.

    All just my ideas, but I thought I'd share them on this wonderfully juicy character.

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    Oh. As to Blaise himself, I think he doesn't have one social qualm in his body. He knows who and what he is and couldn't be happier about it. Although I was saddened he wasn't in the last book, that just proves further that the Zabinis were adept at playing the pure-blood game and managed to keep themselves away from any manipulation. Again, good planning saved the day! That's my humble opinion, anyway!

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    Blaise seemed happy with his position when we saw him in HBP, and certainly knew how to talk around Draco and friends. I'm guessing that his mother did show him off in formal settings while she was meeting her rich soon-to-be-husbands; repeated experiences would have taught him how to act and what to say.

    It would not surprise me if Blaise was looking for some stability in his life. Even if he knew of his mother's plans to get her husband's money, he would still be looking for some sort of father-figure, since he was still growing up. This need would persist, since his mother would not be able to fill that role. Having to get used to new people and deaths in the family, alternately, would also be difficult (less so than if he didn't know her plans, but still hard).

    I think Blaise is relatively independent; if he's looking for solidarity, he knows to stay out of his mom's business. He has already figured out how to behave in order to keep himself in a good position with the threats in his life, and he intends to keep it up. This will keep him safe in true Slytherin fashion.

    Just my $0.02...

    ~Lauren of The Gauntlet Pair!

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    I don't think that Blaise is social at all. In fact I believe that he is anti social. This might be because his mother tried to get him to be in the social spotlight. Maybe she made him and then he retreated to being anti social because of the experience. You never know.

    In my mind I can't see him as being close with his mother. I think that he was never close to his mother and that is the reason why he turned out the way that he is. Though that is only my opinion. I really wish that J.K. expanded his story more. It would be really interesting to find out about....

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