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Thread: Fleur Delacour

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    Originally posted by Wendy
    Fluer is very protective of her little sister and possibly the rest of her family but she's still pretty shallow- IMO. So I wouldn't give her one that is going to 'scream' protectiveness. More of the vanity that we see in the fourth and sixth books.
    I don't see Fleur as shallow. I see the vanity, yes, but when push comes to shove, she is very protective and supportive of her family. Her reaction to Molly's comments after Bill was attacked. We see the vanity, but we also see that she isn't shallow. If she was shallow, she would have not been as accepting of Bill's disfigurement.

    She also opens her home without question to not only Harry and gang, but to Luna, Dean, Ollivander and Griphook. It was plain the house was too small for these guests, but she didn't hesitate to open the doors so to speak. Before you say it, yes, she grumbled a bit at the extra work, but who wouldn't? Married less than a year and a houseful of people on the run from Death Eaters. Ron, Hermione and Harry may have been considered 'family' but the rest? There were other places they could have been taken, but still she didn't insist they go there.

    Someone who is shallow, would have only thought of herself and not been as understanding.

    Sorry for the rant, but I think Fleur gets a bad rap most of the time because she is pretty and knows it. As stated in the movie version of GoF by Crouch Jr when he was Mad-Eye, "Miss Delecour is as much a fairy princess as you or I", of something close to that. LOL

    just my 2 Knuts worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    Peacock, I'm pretty sure Lucius and Narcissa have dibbs on those. See what I mean?
    *Sigh* the last two people in the whole wizarding world who would have Patronuses would be the aforementioned Malfoys. The only reason Fleur would have one would be because of Bill, in my humble, if impassioned, opinion. Therefore, I think it would be romantic if you came up with a Bill related animal! Plus, Patronuses ((i)(?) still not sure), seem to have some sort of familial/romantic connection! All just my humble opinion, but JK did mention that the only Death Eater with a Patronus would be Severus Snape and we all know why his was a doe, so I'll not bore you! Having said that, even if she learned it in school and had the peacock (although female ones are boring!) I'm sure her passionate nature would have shifted it into another shape.

    Ummm. . .hope I wasn't unpleasant, as that wasn't my intention, but just have strong feelings about Patronus (es/i) apparently BYE!

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    Maybe these conflicting opinions on whether or not Fleur is shallow has to do with how she as matured throughout the series.

    While she was a student at Beauxbatons, I can easily see her as being one of the shallow pretty-girls who use her looks to her full advantage and possibly never saw herself as being anything other than a pretty face. I think she may have retained this attitude through much of the TriWizard Tournament, seeing how much she seemed to love toying with the Hogwarts boys.

    But after the death of Cedric Diggory, we begin seeing a transformation in her character. She starts to become interested in Bill, who, while charming, could hardly offer her a spot in the lap of luxury that some more wealthy pureblood wizards could have offered her. And in HBP, we still see her as being a touch shallow in her interactions with Mrs. Weasley. But after Bill is attacked by Greyback, Fleur shows an even further transformation. Here, the family becomes convinced that the wedding will be off, giving Fleur the perfect oppurtunity to pull out of the engagment for the chance of marrying a richer, more handsome wizard, and she doesn't do it. She tells Bill's mother that she is beautiful enough for the both of them and she has no plans of abandoning her fiance. She doesn't even mind his condtion contracted by the werewolf, which would have scared away anyone woman who didn't leave because of the scars.

    "The British overcook their meat anyway."

    And in DH, she invites complete strangers into her home to help the cause while fighting the war, indeed risking her own life and the life of her husband and true love.

    This does not sound like the doings of a shallow person.

    Fleur transformation cannot be carefully observed because she plays such a minor role in the series, but if one pays attention, it is possible to see how she comes to grow as a person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    Maybe these conflicting opinions on whether or not Fleur is shallow has to do with how she as matured throughout the series.
    This is an interesting point. I do agree that she developed through the series, but she was not too shallow even when we were introduced to her. She was certainly mature/skilled enough to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, and she was worried about Harry's safety (even if only by pointing out that he is younger). She worried about her sister's life in the second task and appreciated Harry's help in "saving" her, recognizing the importance of family.

    She does mature some, expanding her family circle to include Bill and the Weasleys, then opening her house to Ollivander, Griphook, and Luna. But I don't think she was that shallow even to begin with; she may have used her villa blood to her advantage, possibly by acting shallow, but she was not.

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    I'm working on a fic that takes place during Fleur's school years. I have Fleur's house down to one of two, but I can't decide between them:

    The first house claims intellegent students who are traditional, if somewhat reserved...

    And the second is home to those who are courageous and have a strong sense of justice...

    Keep in mind, Beauxbatons sorts just like Hogwarts, right when the students get there, so you'll have to put on your imagination caps and visualize and eleven-year-old Fleur!

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    I'd have to say the second house. Whilst I think Fleur is intelligent I think the Veela blood in her stops her from being reserved. We've seen her as brave (Triwizard Tounament, The Seven Potters, The Battle of Hogwarts) and we've seen her as intensely loyal to those she loves. She changes her view of Harry when he saves Gabrielle and I think that stems from a sense of justice.

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    I agree. Fleur is intelligent, but definitely not reserved, and I think her courage outshines her intelligence.

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    I wonder, do you think Fleur ever took her career at Gringott's any more serious than part time, or do you think she became a full-time mother after the birth of her children? What kind of mother do you see Fleur as?

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    I think Fleur stopped working when her children were born to become a full-time mother. I see her as a dedicated and protective mother. (We see how protective she is of her sister in GoF.) It's likely that she resumed work again after all her children had started at Hogwarts, though. She doesn't strike me as the type to just remain at home.

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    Yea, I agree. I think Fleur would make a very dedicated mother and would quit her job to take care of her kids. You could tell from the books that she is very capable of love and cares a lot for those she loves. For Bill, she loved him even after he was scarred for life and that changed the Weasley's opinion of her. Also, her love and care for Gabrielle could be seen in GoF. All she cared about was saving her sister's life and was forever grateful to Harry when he saved her.

    Also, in DH, when Harry, Hermione, and Ron stayed at Shell Cottage, she was very fussy in a motherly fashion, making sure that everyone ate well and slept comfortably, etc. Harry even compared her to Mrs. Weasley.


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