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Fluer is very protective of her little sister and possibly the rest of her family but she's still pretty shallow- IMO. So I wouldn't give her one that is going to 'scream' protectiveness. More of the vanity that we see in the fourth and sixth books.
I don't see Fleur as shallow. I see the vanity, yes, but when push comes to shove, she is very protective and supportive of her family. Her reaction to Molly's comments after Bill was attacked. We see the vanity, but we also see that she isn't shallow. If she was shallow, she would have not been as accepting of Bill's disfigurement.

She also opens her home without question to not only Harry and gang, but to Luna, Dean, Ollivander and Griphook. It was plain the house was too small for these guests, but she didn't hesitate to open the doors so to speak. Before you say it, yes, she grumbled a bit at the extra work, but who wouldn't? Married less than a year and a houseful of people on the run from Death Eaters. Ron, Hermione and Harry may have been considered 'family' but the rest? There were other places they could have been taken, but still she didn't insist they go there.

Someone who is shallow, would have only thought of herself and not been as understanding.

Sorry for the rant, but I think Fleur gets a bad rap most of the time because she is pretty and knows it. As stated in the movie version of GoF by Crouch Jr when he was Mad-Eye, "Miss Delecour is as much a fairy princess as you or I", of something close to that. LOL

just my 2 Knuts worth.