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Thread: Hannah Abbot

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    You're looking for chapter eleven, Hermione's Helping Hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Half-Blood Prince Chapter 11
    There had been a horrible incident the day before, when Hannah Abbott had been taken out of Herbology, to be told that her mother was dead. They had not seen Hannah since.
    That's it. That is Hannah's entire appearance in HBP, and it's only a report of the previous days events. We don't actually see her again until the end of DH. She isn't reported as being in the Room of Requirement, but she's guarding a tunnel with Lee and (Fred? - it might be George!).

    As for her personality, she seems to be bervous during her exams, and rather quiet. As she later becomes a pub landlady, I don't think that she'd nurse a grudge, she'd certainly forgive minor misdemeanours. But I can't see her forgiving her Mum's killer.


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    My two cents: I've always thought that, at least in her younger years, Hannah was one of those people who, if you were asked what they were like, the first thing you'd say would be "she's very nice". I do think she's smart, probably obtaining similar grades in her O.W.L.'s to Harry - mainly A's and E's, with the odd O, and a P or maybe a D in the one exam that she really messed up (I believe it was Transfiguration). So to Julie's question, I do think she'd be the forgiving type, yes, and I also think she's one of those people who trusts others until she has undeniable reason not to.

    Sorry to say, Hannah isn't described as being very bright, so I doubt her parents were intellectuals (Hannah grew up to be the landlady at the Leaky Cauldron).
    That's not really fair. Running a pub, as Carole said, isn't a job for an idiot. While I definitely think Hannah has some kind of anxiety problem (she is often shown as being quite nervous, along with that infamous exam), that definitely does not mean that a person has sub-standard intelligence. While I don't think she's Hermione by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that if she wanted to be she could be quite close in some subjects. But being Hermione means drawing a fair amount of attention to yourself, and I think that would be something that Hannah avoided.

    I have two questions though, and I'm sorry if the answer is really obvious or it has been answered already. Because Hannah left school when her mother died, would she have been in her sixth or seventh year when she came back in September? And also, could Hannah have had a younger sibling? I thought that maybe she could have had a sibling who was four to six years younger, so she would have been in her early years at Hogwarts while Hannah was in her seventh year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleanor Lupin View Post
    Because Hannah left school when her mother died, would she have been in her sixth or seventh year when she came back in September?
    This is a big question mark for me. If you go back several pages, I think you'll find a discussion about this idea, specifically about whether or not Hannah returned to school at all. We know she didn't come back quickly and HBP, and yet she was fighting at the battle. I used to be of the mind that Hannah didn't come back at all, as she isn't mentioned after HBP (until the battle, if I'm correct), and came back for the battle with others who came when they heard the fight was on. I think Neil's post-Hogwarts timeline follows events this way. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Neil.)

    But talking this out with a few people, my own ideas for Hannah began to change. Since Hogwarts was compulsory, I imagine her coming back sometime later on in her sixth year, having tried at home to keep up with things academically. I do this simply because I hate the question you have asked. If she comes back in sixth and squeaks through, then she will remain in teh same year as her classmates. But if doesn't complete her sixth year... it's a big fat question mark that I prefer not to deal with. Haha. Though you can probably go with that and create a special situation for her, as I think a few of her profs would be willing to help her, and 7th year Hogwarts doesn't fit any known situation anyway. ??

    Haven't I been so helpful? THere's no easy answer, really, as canon leaves a lot of it open. It used to make me not want to write her, but as I've figured out what works for me, she has become my absolute favorite minor character to write. And read.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with, Nora!

    (Love your defence of her intelligence. I, too, see her as very intelligent, but a bad test-taker.)

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    Because Hannah left school when her mother died, would she have been in her sixth or seventh year when she came back in September?
    I think it would depend greatly on how many N.E.W.T. subjects she was talking. We know the trio took practically a half-dozen and were flooded with schoolwork, but we also know it's possible to take as few as three (Neville only took DADA, Charms, and Herbology, that we know of). If Hannah was focusing on Herbology and one or two other subjects, it might have been possible for her to take both years at the same time during her seventh year, or to keep up at home with a tutor or by correspondence with her teachers. After all, most of the homework seems to be "read this book and then write an essay", which can really be done anywhere - and I am sure Professor Sprout would do all she could to accommodate one of her Hufflepuffs in Herbology.

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