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Thread: The Gaunt Family

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    The Gaunt Family

    I'm working on a summer challenge for the Hallows prompt and I need some family background on the Gaunts.

    Morfin or Merope: Who was the eldest child?

    Why were Marvolo and Morfin sent to Azkaban?

    I've been looking for the answers but haven't found anything yet. Perhaps my eyes just glazed over something entirely obvious, in which case I apologize sincerely, but I appreciate the help!


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    go go ravenclaw

    Hello, Ashley!

    Hello, honey.

    Ahh...the Gaunts are my speciality

    I'm not sure who's the older on from Morfin and Merope, but I'd guess Morfin.

    As for the reason Marvolo and Morfin were sent to Azkaban...*opens HBP*

    Quote Originally Posted by HBP pg. 194
    'Well, Mr. Gaunt,' said Ogden, 'to get straight to the point, we have reason to believe that your son Morfin performed magic in front of a Muggle late last night.'
    This was the first minor offense commited by Morfin. But these are the main ones:

    Quote Originally Posted by HBP pg. 200
    'Ogden Apparated back to the Ministry and returned with reinforcements within fifteen minutes. Morfin and his father attempted to fight, but both were overpowered, removed from the cottage and subsequently convicted by the Wizengamot. Morfin, who already had a record of Muggle attacks, was sentenced to three years in Azkaban. Marvolo, who had injured several Ministry employees in addition to Ogden, recieved six months.'
    Hope that helped! *huggles*

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    Yay, thank you so much! *huggles*

    I couldn't for the life of me find my copy of HBP (in the 5 minutes I had before I would have been late to work ). You are wonderful and I appreciate your help so much!


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