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Thread: Lily and James' Murder?

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    Lily and James' Murder?

    In which book is there a complete description of their murder? I know that throughout Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry has some bad flashbacks, but which book has the story of their murder in it's entirety?


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    There's the scene from Voldemort's PoV in Deathly Hallows (somewhere around the time when Harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hollow), but as I don't have the book itself on me, I can't find the specific page.


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    I don't have my book on me eithier (its kinda "hiding" on my room...hopefully... ) but a trusted source lists chapter 16 as titled "Godric's Hollow" so I'd say if you have your book, chapter 16 would be a great place to start.


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    There isn't really a *complete* description. You basically have to piece together things from DH, PoA and PS/SS. There isn't a good, full description in one book.


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    As Megan mentioned, there is a very good description from Voldemort's POV - it's chapter 17 of DH, called Bathilda's Secret. It describes the scene from the moment of him appearing at Godric's Hollow to the very moment of his almost-death.
    Pages 280-282 in the Bloomsbury edition.


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