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Thread: Harry Potter - Part II

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    I have a feeling that it is not Harry becoming an Animegus in itself that is cliched, but that he becomes a stag like his father.

    What are some other froms that Harry would take?

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    Perhaps a lion? Well, that may also be cliched....

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    A bird of prey, perhaps, in memory of both Hedwig and Fawkes.

    Or a dog or wolf, in memory of Remus and Sirius.

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    I've always loved the idea of Harry becoming a dog/wolf for Sirius and Remus. But to be honest with you, that idea is getting very cliched.

    I think that you need to think outside of the box. Don't go for something that is a memory of one of his loved ones, or the most obvious personality trait. And please don't use any version of a stag. That is way too cliched!

    I can see Harry as perhaps a dove - he's kind, caring, and just wants a peaceful life (and yes, I did say that Lily would be a good dove in the Lily Potter thread); any sort of pack animal - Harry's friends are basically Harry's life (but by pack animal I mean something that's not a wolf!); an eagle - I don't really have a reason for this, it just cam to me. Umm, that's all I can think of.

    Just don't go for the most obvious choice.


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    While I agree that cliches can be... well, cliches, sometimes they are the obvious choice for a reason.

    On the one hand, it's nice not to do what's already been done a hundred times. On the other hand, don't stretch too hard just to come up with an "original" idea.

    Because let's be honest, how many Harry Potter fanfics are truly original, in the sense of "No one has ever thought of that before"? It's not how original or off-the-wall your ideas are that will make your story brilliant, but how well you put the elements together and tell the story.

    So it's okay to make Harry's animagus a stag (or a dog). Just as long as the story is good.

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    That's a good point, but I really don't see Harry as a stag. I mean, a patronus is a symbol of protection, so a stag is perfect - it represents James. But the animagus form is more to do with the individual. That's why I have a problem with Harry being a stag. What does Harry and a stag have in common? But, I suppose, you can then ask what James and a stag has in common...

    That's why I like the idea of a wolf. It's not imitating what James was because 'Harry is so much like his father', it's going off Harry's own experiences. And the wolf can be a pack animal, so it fits, in a way, with Harry's personality.

    I completely agree with you, Inverarity. What isn't a cliche in fanfiction nowadays?


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    I see Harry's Animagus form as something more feline to be honest. Something like a lion or leopard perhaps.

    That maybe very cliched but as has already been said, he's a pack type person. He also has wonderful reflexes (Quidditch) and there's lots of references to a monster 'purring' in his chest whenever he thinks of Ginny- the same monster that wants to claw Dean to pieces. He's not very happy in water either.

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    Harry's animagus always strikes me as something that can be fierce, like him, yet is quiet and dosile to start with, like him. This kind of animal might be (as Carol said) a feline of some kind, but that doesn't really strike me as Harry. So i think his animagus would be something very similar to his patronus. A stag. Or a horse. They're sweet and gentle, but they can look after themselves.

    Ha, maybe a Thestral

    But Harry isn't vicious and i don't think he's as wild as a wolf or a dog. I think he'd be something like a stag, yes. It just sums him up. But as animagus' and patronus' are rarely the same animal, an alternative might be a bird of prey of some kind. Not an eagle, but perhaps an owl.

    That's my two knuts lol.

    ~Heather <3

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    You know, I actually do like the idea of Harry's Animagus form being an owl, a snowy owl maybe.

    These were all great suggestions, and I'm going to have a hard time deciding. Thanks, peoples!

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    Im sorry but I disagree with the stag being too cliched. Harry's patronus is a stag is it not? Patronuses have alot to do with who you are inside, Harry himself is a strong leader and very much like his father not only in looks but in character. He very much resembles a stag in his personality. It would only seem right to have his animagus form be a stag as well. In DH we see McGonagall cast a patronus, which is a tabby cat which is also her animagus form. So you see, as much as a patronus deals with who you are and what you are like, I beleive your animagus form would as well.
    hope this helps!

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