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Thread: Bi-Weekly Drabble Challenge - Theme: Music - Results

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    Name: thegirllikeme/Chanté
    House: RAVENCLAW
    Title: Hero
    Warnings: Character Death
    Word Count: 493
    Song Used: Hero - Nickelback

    And they say that a hero can save us.

    They call him 'the Chosen One'. But you can only watch him as he struggles to make simple potions and to learn the magic that you had mastered years before. He would be the one to vanquish the Dark Lord, everyone claims, everyone believes, and yet he cannot even master Occulmency, the only thing that has save you so many times, or nonverbal spells. They call him a hero, and yet you do not see how he could possible save himself from his villain, let alone the wizarding world.

    “I'm not weak!”* he yells at you.

    “Then prove it!”* you hiss back.

    It is all you want. For him to prove it. For him to be the boy that the wizarding world thought he was, and not the boy you know will fail.

    They say a hero will save us; you're not going to sit there in wait.

    For you do not believe in heroes. They do not exist. And you know Potter cannot save us; you do not know what can.

    Dumbledore claimed it was 'love', the protection that Lily had given to her son, that had allowed Potter to live when she had died. It was 'love' that would save us all. But you cannot believe, for you have loved. Love hasn't brought you victory; it has brought you nothing but pain. Your love will never do, not for her, for it was not the love of a hero (heroes don't exist) nor love of anyone worthy.

    Love would not save us, because love hasn't saved you. How could it save anyone else?

    You are sure, that if there is a way to end this war, it will be through blood and pain and death. Mostly death. Lots of death. And you are right.

    But still you fight. You protect Potter; you spy; you play your part with perfect efficiency, but without hope that it will do any good. You do not believe in heroes, but you hope, for the sake of the wizarding world, for the sake of all you have done, for the sake of Lily, that Potter will save us, even if you know it to be a fool's hope.

    You do not live to see that it is not. A hero has save us. Many heroes, not just Potter.

    In the end, you should know that you have been wrong. For love has saved us. Your love for Lily that led you to protect the Chosen One. Your love, the love you feared would never be enough, has saved the one who saved so many others. And in that, in your bravery and your sacrifice, you have become what you never believe existed.

    A hero.

    So rest in peace, my hero. Fly on the wings of the eagles, to the rest you deserve.

    We will watch as you fly away.
    *taken from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, written by J. K. Rowling

    Thanks to Molly for beta-ing.

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    Name: Hansolohpfrk/Hanni
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: I'll See You In Heaven
    Warnings: Character Death
    Word Count: 497
    Song Used: Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
    Authors Note: This song was written by Eric Clapton about his son, and I knew I wanted to use it immediately.

    It was May Third. A national holiday. People were out celebrating with friends at parties, watching fireworks, and eating exorbitant amounts of food.

    Not Teddy Lupin and Harry Potter.

    They stood in a cemetery in Godric’s Hollow, side by side in solemn silence. Harry looked at his feet, while Teddy stared at the beautiful, ornate headstone in front of them.

    Here lies Remus ‘Moony’ Lupin and Nymphadora ‘Dora’ Tonks.

    “We are a part of you. Invisible to everyone else.”

    “Teddy, I’ll give you a minute. I’m going to go…take a walk,” Harry said to him as he turned around, hands in his pockets.

    Teddy understood Harry’s meaning and nodded to himself as he kneeled upon the uneven ground. He looked up at the stars. “Are you really up there?” He asked quietly, his voice shaking.

    He had been told by so many people to be proud of his parents, that they had died a hero’s death, and they died for something they believed in. However, no one, save Harry, ever told him stories about his parents.

    Teddy reached out and touched the headstone. “Hi, Mum, Dad,” he started. He had never called anyone by those titles before; the words felt strange as they rolled off his tongue.

    He looked at the epitaph engraved into the marble stone. “I miss you. I mean, I know I never really knew you, but I miss you so much. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to spend a day with you.”

    He paused for a moment.

    “Harry’s been great to me, and he’s told me so much about you. I feel like I know you,” He pulled his favorite picture of them together out of his pocket. “I even have this picture.”

    He had memorized both of their faces by looking at this image. He knew his mother’s bright smile; his father’s laugh.

    “I know I complain about how much people say that I should be proud of you, but I am proud. You fought to save the world, to help others in need. What son wouldn’t be proud?”

    He looked down at the picture again, then back at the headstone.

    “When I was little, and I asked why I didn’t have parents, I was told that you were in heaven. I asked what it was, and I learned that it was a place where no one cried, or had any pain, or felt sorrow or anger. It was a place where everyone was loved, and no one was hurt. I can’t think of two people who deserve to go to heaven more than you guys.”

    “I just want you both to know that I love you, and I’ll always think of you, no matter what.”

    With that last statement hanging in the air, Teddy stood up and started to walk towards the gate, where Harry was waiting for him.

    At the gate, he turned around and cast one last glance at the white headstone. I’ll see you in heaven, he thought.

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    Name: Sara
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Together
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 225
    Song Used: Dancing by Elisa
    Authors Note: This song is just so hopeful and touching with an undertone of grief. It makes me think of a first love and the joy of simply being next to someone~

    She lay alone. She lay, thoughtful; inattentive and unresponsive to anything around her.

    A world so big never felt as gaping as it did now. Body draped in crumpled sheets, Hermione could still feel the cool night air, touching her face and shoulders; stealing warmth. His warmth...

    She shifted her weight and sat up, pushing the curtains quietly. The moon was shining resolutely, beckoning sleep from heads and distorting night with wakefulness. She dodged the slippers and silently crossed to the door.

    The common room was still; tranquil in the dead of the night, and the golden embers cast only enough light to illuminate the person sitting on the couch. He'd heard her come in and stood.

    "Hermione," spoke Ron, slashing the silence. She smiled; he stepped toward her. "Why are you still up? We’ve got that huge Transfiguration test tomorrow, you should probably get back to-“

    “I couldn’t sleep.”

    “Worried about the test?”

    “No,” she muttered. “I just… I couldn’t sleep. I was cold.”

    They stood for a moment. Ron took a step to the couch and Hermione followed. He sat. She sat; close. The embers flickered red and gold; waning and stealing chill from the air. They didn’t talk, and they didn’t need to.

    Hermione scooted closer and without warning, Ron wrapped his arms around her. She smiled. It was warm, here; together.
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    1,307 embarrassingly long time this challenge is finally judged!

    ++First Place::
    Solar Eyes by saizine

    ++Second Place::
    What You’ve Become by Elmindreda

    ++Third Place::
    Hero by thegirllikeme
    Three Broomsticks, Thursday night by Cinderella Angelina

    ++Honourable Mentions::
    Silent Dawn by h_vic
    The Music's Beautiful Pain by Phia Phoenix

    Points will be posted shortly.
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