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Thread: Molly Weasley's Patronus

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    Molly Weasley's Patronus

    I'm working on a fic and I wondered what Mrs. Weasley's patronus is. I don't think there's anything canon, but I wanted to make sure. If not, what do you think it would be?
    Thanks in advance!

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    My guess is that it would be an animal known for being a wonderful mother and having a lot of young at a time.

    Animals that come to mind
    Chicken (mother hen)
    A mare (like Ginny's)
    Duck or Goose

    I hope this gave you some ideas.

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    I cannot find anything in canon that lists a Patronus for Molly.

    I agree with OliveOil, it would defiantly be a protective mother type. I like the idea it would be a lioness. Especially after the way she went after Bella in DH.
    I can also see just a normal cat, as mother cats are very protective over their kittens.
    I can also see her having a dog, like Ron. Again mother dogs are protective over their pups.

    Whatever you choose, think about Molly's attributes. She is a wonderful mother, though she does have a temper, and very protective, sometimes too protective over her children, and her children's friends, ie Harry and Hermione.
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    No, I don't think there is anything in canon about Mrs Weasley's patronus.

    I agree with OliveOil_Med (lol her name is Molly too) that it would be likly with an animal that is known to be a good mother.

    I kind of like the idea of Molly's patronus being a chicken, but on the other hand it would feel rather insecure to have 50 dementors floating towards you, and the only thing protecting you was a chicken. Also chickens are, well, chickens, and not very famous to be brave. And I can't help to think of the movie Mudge Boy, when I think of a chicken patronus.(Very good and sad movie btw)

    I love the mother bear patronus. Bears are known to actually be very peaceful animals unless you threaten their cubs. (Bear babies are called cubs, right? )

    Why couldn't Molly's patronus be a dragon? We know from GoF that dragon mothers are very protective. I think a dragon would be a perfect patronus for the woman who defeated the Dark Lord's most evil follower and the mother of Charlie Weasley.

    I think all the patronuses suggested are very good opptions, although I like the Bear most (and the Dragon of course.)

    I hope you'll post when you've made your decision.

    MvH Johan

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    MC Kair
    I agree with the person that said a bear. Bears are generally very protective of their cubs and their territory so, I think that's a great idea.

    Here is another suggestion a cougar or a lynx. A cougar because (here is an interesting fact) when it leaves tracks, it rarely shows the claws. A female cougar is also known to have a distict scream that is described as "nerve-wracking and terror-striking". I think this sort of relates to Molly when she gets angry or upset.

    Hope this helped.

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    My favorties are:

    Bear- They may look all soft and cuddlely but if you threaten their young they will defend themsleves and their young ("NOT MY DAUGTHER, YOU..." ) Otherwise though, bears are very peaceful and would perfer not to fight. Just like Molly, who stayed back and worked "behind the scenes" with the Order of the Phoniex instead of fighting on the front lines.

    Cougar- I like what MC Kair said about them, it all makes sense. I especially like the part about the claws and how they don't make marks. It's like their hiding their dangerous side just like how Molly appears so sweet. Push her the wrong way though...I think her anger could be just as effective as claws

    Lioness- Again, they live in packs so they have big family and they are protective mothers who do a lot of work taking care of everyone (like with the hunting and such.) I think lions have retractable claws right? So then what MC Kair and then I said about the claws would apply here as well. And don't forget, Gryffindor's symbol is a lion so if you want (or don't want) to put emphsis on Molly's Gryffindorness you should keep that in mind.

    Dragon- I like the idea of the dragon and agree with what everything Johan was saying about them. They are very protective of itheir young as we all know and also have very fiery tempers.

    My suggestion is maybe a wolf

    Wolf-- They live in big family groups and take care of each other. The Alpha female is quite protective if provoked and can be the most dominate wolf in the group (instead of the Alpha Male be the very top dog, the Aplha female might be)

    And I had a lot more but it all got deleted and I'm too tired to re-type it all Good Luck!


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    I would like to reinforce the horse suggestion. ^^ While the head stallion of a herd might chase predators away, if the head mare decides that the predator threatened the foals too much, she will chase it down and kill it.

    Cats and canines are good suggestions, as are bears and dragons. Many birds of prey can also be highly territorial, which you could classify Molly as {since she seems to expand her territory every time one of her children gets a close friend}, and most females of the birds of prey are actually larger than the males instead of the other way around like it is with many species {a Molly-Arthur personality comparison, maybe? ^_~}.

    I also agree strongly with wolves. They're very affectionate animals within their group, but they can be fiercely territorial and will fight to the death to protect their packs. Mother wolves can also tend to get a little bit rough with her cubs when she thinks they're misbehaving. ^_~

    ~ Lucia

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    Wow! Thank you so much for your input. My favorites are: bear, cougar, and dragon. The chickens just seemed too wimpy and I really like the idea with the mare, but I wanted to differentiate Ginny's Patronus more from her mother's for the purpose of the story. I did a little more research on cougars and found that sometimes the females sometimes make a loud screaming noise...Ron go clean your room!

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