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Thread: Snape and the Marauders

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    Snape and the Marauders

    We know Snape knows Sirius is an Animagus as of Parting of the Ways in GoF. We also know that he is aware of Lupin's lycanthropy and has been for a long time.

    Simple, right? Here's the problem: When precisely did he find out about Sirius's (or James's, or Peter's, if he even knew about them prior to PoA/Peter's defection, respectively) Animagus status? The Ministry didn't have the information, the dementors at Azkaban didn't know, but looking closely at Parting of the Ways, Snape doesn't seem all that surprised.

    I realize this question probably has no true 'answer', but I need to know what would be generally accepted because the setting of my current fic depends on it.

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    Hi Mori,

    Firstly - WELCOME!!

    My own personal opinion is that Snape didn't know about James, Sirius and Peter being Animagi until he saw Sirius transform in GoF. The fact that Snape might not *look* surprised doesn't mean that he wasn't surprise. Snape is an extremly good spy and he is extremly good at hiding his emotions and thoughts from other people - it's something that he has done all his life.

    I think that had he known before that time he would have said something when Sirius escaped in PoA and then, as you say, Dumbledore and everyone else would have known too.

    But that is my own take on it - I don't have any certain cannon 'fact' that I can produce to back this up but I think its a valid answer given the circumstantial evidence that we do have.

    Ruth xXx

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    I don't imagine Snape would look too surprised to find out that Sirius is an unregistered Animagus. Snape has always thought the worst of the Marauders {since he got to see the worst of them all the time during school}, and it probably came as no surprise. It might even have made a certain amount of sense to him--after all, Sirius broke so many school rules, isn't the next step breaking laws?

    If he knew about their Animagus forms, he would not hesitate at all to tell Dumbledore. He would have made sure that everyone who was on the lookout for Sirius knew to also look for a big black dog because from the scene in the Shrieking Shack, there was little he was looking forward to more in that book than sending Sirius straight back to the dementors. They're both petty and their hatred was mutual--it was the old fight all over again as soon as they saw each other again. And the tables had managed to turn while Sirius was in prison.

    While he knew about Lupin's lycanthropy, it's simply not conceivable for him to have been aware of Sirius's status as an Animagus, or any of the other two. If one of those three was an Animagus, the other two would be as well {an assumption made from how much time they spend with each other}, and he would've told Dumbledore just in case. Sirius would not have been able to appear at school several times or hide out in Hogsmeade, and the Ministry might have been informed, too.

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    i have to agree with Squib Kitten. I believe Snape found out in PoA. I do not believe he knew while they were in school about them being Animagi. If he had, he would have found some way to use it against them.

    Originally posted by Squb Kitten
    I think he may have told Dumbledore in the aftermath of the PoA incident, but it was quite hectic then, and DD probably would have just brushed him off. Snape wouldn't have told the Ministry, they would not have trusted his word, while they would believe DD. So it would have been up to DD to tell the Ministry, and he did not do that, obviously, for his own reasons.
    Sirius confessed to Dumbledore about being an Animagus when Dumbledore visited him after he was brought to the school by Snape in PoA. Dumbledore tells the trio this. So it wouldn't have mattered when Snape went running to Dumbledore to tell on Sirius.

    Originally posted by Squib Kitten
    Also, the Death Eaters knew in OotP that Black was an Animagus, because remember how Snape told Sirius that Lucius had seen him on Platform 9 3/4?
    If you remember, on the train Draco said to Harry,
    ...because I'll be dogging your footsteps in case you step out of line.
    So, right there we know at the very beginning of OotP, Draco knew Sirius was an Animagus. He would have been told by his father, who would have had to have learned it from Snape.

    Personally, knowing what we now know about Snape and Dumbledore working together, it is possible Dumbledore okayed the telling of Sirius being an Animagi to Voldemort.

    Remember, Dumbledore always looked beyond the immediate benefit. He looked over all angles. The Death Eaters knowing about Sirius would in effect be a strong reason to use to keep Sirius from leaving Grimmauld Place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squib Kitten
    Also, the Death Eaters knew in OotP that Black was an Animagus, because remember how Snape told Sirius that Lucius had seen him on Platform 9 3/4? I won't say that Snape told them willingly or not, but they knew, and that information had to come from him.
    Sorry, but Snape didn't tell Voldemort about him.

    From OotP, American paperback, page 82, chapter five- The Order Of The Phoenix:
    "Because the Ministry of Magic's still after me, and Voldemort will know all about me being an Animagus by now, Wormtail will have told him, so my big disguise is useless...
    As Severus is working for the Order and doing what he can for the 'cause'. I honestly don't think he would've said anything to anyone, Voldemort, or the Ministry.

    Wormtail on the other hand, yes, he would've told Voldemort as soon as humanly possible. To help ingratiate himself more than sacrificing a hand would.

    It never says definitively which one told Voldemort, but I'm going to go with Sirius and say that it was Peter.

    As far as to when Severus found out about the Animagus forms, I agree that it was in PoA. He heard everything in the Shrieking Shack, and I'm sure he saw Harry's Patronus at some point, whether at the Quidditch match, or by the lake.

    He didn't know what the animals were though, the only one that was mentioned in the Shack was the rat, so until Sirius transformed in the hospital wing, he didn't know the dog was Sirius. Also, I'm sure the only clue he had to James' form is Harry's Patronus and the nickname Prongs.

    Hope that helps,

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