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Thread: Dark Marks

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    Snape's Talon
    It would be interesting as to whether or not a Dark Mark can be removed and if that would improve a person's chances of survival.

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    I thought of that, too but I don't think my character has the umm. . . Magical eptness(?)
    to be able to pull that off, so I sort of discounted it, but that is interesting. Although, I could be wrong. . .

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    Wouldn't Essence of Dittany work?
    After all, it is just a burn, and it sorts Ron out after he gets splinched.

    However, thinking about it, it makes Voldemort look stupid and we all know he isn't.

    I think the Dark Mark only allows Voldemort to find you if you intentionally summon him. I mean, imagine someone accidentally brushing your arm and Voldemort turns up? Or when you're in bed? I think Voldemort would have to put up some defences against that.

    But then JK contradicts herself in DH when Amycus Carrow says he'll tell Voldemort the kids pressed Alecto's Dark Mark.

    Hmm, it's difficult, but from the whole Karkaroff thing, I think it's plausible that he can only find you when you summon him.

    Hope this helps. x

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    It would be interesting as to whether or not a Dark Mark can be removed and if that would improve a person's chances of survival.
    I doubt the dark mark can be removed. If it was possible to remove it why didn't DEs like the Malfoys remove it when they thought Voldemort was dead? Also I think JKR said something about it in a chat - that the dark marks would never go away but eventually they'd only become scars.

    I don't think Voldemort can trace the DEs unless they summon him with the mark, and if they were trying to hide from him, why would they do that?

    Now, obviously it requires some sort of spell to trigger it. Otherwise every time, say, Lucius Malfoy, takes a bath and washes his forearm, Voldie doesn't get accidently summoned.
    I don't have my books with me, but if I'm not mistaken, in the Malfoy Manor chapter Bellatrix uses her wand to press the mark. I can be wrong about this though.

    MvH Johan

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    Snape's Talon
    Well if you can't remove it (and Muggle methods of erasing tattoos won't work) , what about cutting off the offending limb? As grotesque as that might sound, it could be a viable option - desperate situations call for desperate measures, and all that. If there is a lingering trace in the Mark, then it would lead Voldemort/DE's to your severed limb and not you ... provided you recovered and got the heck out of dodge.

    And while I like the image of Bella holding up an arm and being outraged at the deception *snickers*, the idea of perhaps using equally dark magic to transfer the Mark to another (an innocent) is also intriguing. It would probably require extensive knowledge of dark magic.

    On second thought, perhaps limb removal would be best ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy
    Well if you can't remove it (and Muggle methods of erasing tattoos won't work) , what about cutting off the offending limb?
    I guess that depends on whether the magic is in the Mark itself or whether it permeates the whole body. If the magic stays localised in the Mark then removing the limb, or even just excising sufficient skin, ought to work, but if it flows out of the Mark to 'infect' the rest of the body and the Mark is only the physical representation of the magic rather than actually housing the magic then even amputation didn't ought to be sufficient.


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    Well, I'm not sure if it would infect the whole body. Or if it did, if the magic in the rest of the body wouldn't drain out once the Mark was physically removed. We have several references to the direct Mark having a very physical relationship with the arm {that almost sounds dirty....}, like it "burning" when Voldemort summons them {and I believe when they summon Voldemort as well}. The magic clearly is focused in the Mark itself, and without that physical representation to "tie down" the magic, if you will, then I don't think they would be able to be traced. I think that the magic would still sort of linger in the actual Mark but slowly fade away as the limb decays. As for the magic in the person, without the Mark to pump the magic through them {a rather grotesque version of a heart, kinda}, I think it would slowly fade away, and they would no longer be tied to it or traceable.

    And Sandy, you make me giggle so much. *hugs*

    ~ Lucia, one half of The Ladies of the Silver Diadem

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    MC Kair
    I don't think that the Dark Mark itself can be traced because, as everyone else said, Karakoff was hiding for over a year. I think when Sirius said that once your a Death Eater it's either life long service or death, he meant that if you desert the Dark Lord he would tell the other Death Eaters to keep an eye out for you. In other words all of his followers would be on lookout for you, or any trace of you, and since the Voldemort has a lot of followers, it would not be very long before they find you.

    -Hope that helped

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    Snape's Talon
    I would tend to disagree. With the spells and potions available, one should be able to hide him or herself for quite some time if the Dark Mark didn't have some sort of tracing mechanism. Otherwise, wouldn't be rather easy to disguise oneself? Just use a portkey to some distant land, and then take Polyjuice Potion to hide among Muggles.

    Karakoff might have been frightened, but I can't imagine him as being so dimwitted not to think of this. However, if the Dark Mark could be traced, well then, no amount of hiding or disguise would work.

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    I would think that there would have to be a "spreading" effect from the initial area of the Dark Mark throughout the system, also, especially since the person who came up with the idea loves blood and soul magic. The Dark Lord trusts no one and doesn't really need anyone except to solidify his power, so this is a good way to mark his "sheep" as his, and keep them within bounds.

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