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Thread: Dark Marks

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    Dark Marks

    I understand that the Dark Mark is used to summon followers, and I would assume that the threat of the Dark Lord's wrath is the impetus for the Death Eaters to come running, but if a Death Eater chose to ignore the summons of a fully empowered Voldemort would there be any tracing mechanism in place to find the miscreant Death Eater? I am assuming before Voldemort infiltrated the ministry.

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    Good questioon!

    I'm thinking it does, because otherwise the disobeying death eater would be simply impossible to find. IMpossible. I don't think they ever mention that in the books, or I would go look it up.

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    I am not sure there is a way to trace a non-answering Death Eater. Remember, Karkoloff didn't answer the summons to the graveyard. He instead fled and went into hiding. He lasted almost a year before being found and killed. If Voldemort could have traced him, he wouldn't have lasted so long.
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    Well, Karkaroff was able to hide for a year, so I'm not sure. If there actually was a tracking device, I'm not sure how he would have been able to do that for a year, no matter how clever he was or how unexpected it was.

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    Well, I wouldn't say it was impossible. Voldemort has spies and informants everywhere, but I agree it would be difficult. Karkaroff runs away in GoF, but they do find him eventually right? When Sirius was talking about Regulus, I believe something was mentioned about how a dissenting Death Eater couldn't hide for very long before Voldemort (or other Death Eaters) found/killed them. I'm thinking that there must be some sort of tracing mechanism, but it may not be completely accurate or immediate. It probably wouldn't be as instantaneous as something like the Trace because that was Ministry controlled.


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    Great beirniny
    I think that there isn't a trace with a Dark Mark. Regulus and Karkaroff were able to hide for a year or so before Voldemort found them. When a deatheater disobeys Voldemort other Deatheaters probably rat him or her out. Voldemort can also just blackmail the Deatheater or question his family until he comes back.

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    But there is a link inherent to the Dark Mark. Not only can Voldemort summon his followers, but they can call him with it (DH - Carrows). The Mark works both ways.

    Now, obviously it requires some sort of spell to trigger it. Otherwise every time, say, Lucius Malfoy, takes a bath and washes his forearm, Voldie doesn't get accidently summoned.

    *snorts at amusing mental image of Lucius in a bath and Voldemort popping in*

    That being said, I would imagine there might be enough residual or lingering magic for Voldemort to eventually track it. Might not be easy or perhaps is time consuming, but he might be able to direct other followers to a general area if the target goes to ground for a period of time. If Karkaroff was on the move constantly, it could explain why he lasted a year.

    Just an idea.

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    I thought there had to be some form of trace involved simply because the threat of the other Death Eaters, while a big threat is considerably less of a threat than Voldemort would be if you mess up, but for the most part the Death Eaters show up anyway. But, one of the more elder Death Eaters would more than likely be savvy enough to have figured out the mechanism behind the mark, don't you think. At least enough to make running seem survivable.

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    There was a discussion of how the Dark Mark may work here: {Voldemort's Mark}

    The idea I personally settled for after that discussion was blood-magic related. It requires further study, but the main gist of the idea is like this. When a DE is branded with the Mark, some part of Voldemort - his essense, his conscience, if you like - is placed into the very blood of the person being branded. Remember that the Mark is placed on the inner forearm - quite conveniently above some veins, which would let the magic from the Mark "seep" into the blood easier than otherwise.

    As for the effect of that presence - I once described it as a link not strong enough for remote Legilimency or, Merlin forbid, possession (as in the case of Harry), but strong enough to tie all DE to Voldemort, as if by a giant intangible web. In terms of tracing, it would mean that it is not possible directly, but it would be somewhat easier for Voldemort to find a DE than some other person.

    My theory and I are also in agreement with Sandy here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy
    I would imagine there might be enough residual or lingering magic for Voldemort to eventually track it

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    Thanks, Elimindreda. I actually read that thread yesterday, and didn't see this portion covered in that discussion, so I started this one because I had some lingering doubts. Probably still do, but, that would be me!

    Edit: I mean doubts about my character's chances of survival, not in the information given, which was extremely helpful!

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